Professor Receives Research Grant

James Bruckner

$12,000 grant awarded by the Association of Theological Schools

CHICAGO, IL (April 2, 2009) – The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in the United States and Canada awarded James K. Bruckner, professor of Old Testament at North Park Theological Seminary, a 2009-10 Lilly Theological Scholars Grant.  Bruckner’s grant is for the project, “Human Health and Ancient Narrative: The Old Testament as a Shaping Resource for Health Care Vocations.”

Bruckner notes that Scripture discloses a vision of the human "heart" and "soul" in relation to God and the world and that this view is rarely imagined in common conceptions of human health today. The book that will emerge from this research project will demonstrate Scripture’s relevance for understanding human fragmentation and holistic health.

His project begins with a close reading of Genesis 1-3 from the perspective of human health. Created in God’s image, Bruckner argues, human beings are constantly at risk of being deceived about the nature of their created reality, and this deception disintegrates toward death. He moves on in the project to demonstrate that historical restoration is offered, in partnership with God, to create a new healing sociality for the earth.

Bruckner concludes his project by presenting biblical traditions that form healing practices for restoring human wholeness: lament as the seedbed of hope; the face/friendship of God as a healing environment; and the remembrance of God’s deliverance as a practice of transformation.