Seminary Graduate and Professor Make Their Television Debuts

Klyne Snodgrass

Professor Klyne Snodgrass participated in an eight-part television series.

VALLEY SPRINGS, CA (February 20, 2009) – Scientists, mathematicians, theologians, and writers of dictionary entries say that eternity is an endless expanse of time. Gavin Dluehosh, a North Park Theological Seminary graduate and a pastor at Good Samaritan Covenant Church, knows better.

It is half a second.

That is the length of time “Jeopardy!” contestants are locked out from answering questions if they buzz in too early. Dluehosh says he experienced that version of eternity more than once when he competed on the show recently. Contestants are not allowed to buzz in until the lights above the board flash on. “I tried to time it exactly right,” he says.

Dluehosh participated in at least one game last December that was aired Friday, February 20.

Dluehosh auditioned for the show last August and was filmed December 3.

When he walked on to the actual set, Dluehosh says, “It was just sort of surreal.” He struggled with nervousness early on. “My heart was pounding when the music started up,” he says. He became more comfortable as the game went on, however.

His primary goal was not to win—it was to go into the final round with a positive balance. Contestants with a negative balance at that point are not allowed to proceed.

Participants have little contact with host Alex Trebek, other than during the game itself. Trebek also has his picture taken with each contestant after the match.

For “Jeopardy!” air times check local listings.

Seminary professor contributes to "Day of Discovery"

CHICAGO, IL (February 20, 2009) – North Park Theological Seminary professor Klyne Snodgrass participated in the eight-part television series “Jesus: Man, Messiah or More?” which is airing February 22 through Easter Sunday, April 12, as part of the "Day of Discovery" program.

"Day of Discovery" is the weekly 30-minute inspirational television program of RBC Ministries, a nonprofit, nondenominational organization. It can be seen on ion TV (formerly PAX) Sundays at 7:30 a.m. Programs are filmed on location in the United States and around the world and cover a variety of topics from Bible lands to social and family issues.

Klyne Snodgrass is the Paul W. Brandel professor of New Testament Studies and has taught at North Park for 35 years.