Faculty and Staff Receive Service Awards

North Park University's 2009 Employee Service Awards

CHICAGO (December 10, 2009) – North Park University’s annual faculty and staff Christmas luncheon was a time of celebrating the season as well as honoring current employees who have served the University for years. The event took place on Tuesday, December 8, at 11:30 a.m. in Hamming Hall.

A total of 48 individuals received awards for terms of service ranging from five years to 40 years, which were presented by President David Parkyn and Director of Human Resources Ingrid Tenglin Jimmar. In addition, 13 employees were recognized in the University’s 2010 Significance and Service wall calendar, which features their individual portraits and quotations on what being a member of the North Park community has meant to them.

Although the mood of the luncheon was festive, the gathering was also a time of remembering three in this community who have passed away within the last month—Vernard Jones, a Seminary student and chaplain to the varsity football team; Betty Johnson, a development officer; and Wendy Burgess, associate professor and director of the graduate nursing program. After giving a brief tribute to each, President Parkyn encouraged those present to follow their example of loyal service.

Service Award Recipients

40 Years: Leona L. Mirza
35 Years: Klyne R. Snodgrass, Eugenia M. Benevich
30 Years: Philip J. Anderson, Edward M. Kane, Norma S. Sutton
25 Years: Linda L. McDonald, Susan A. Olsen
20 Years: Jalal Y. Chaurize, Reinhold J. Dooley, Robert D. Hostetter, Sean Callaghan, Randall Hiller
15 Years: Greg A. Clark, Ralph E. Hey, Fernando A. Jatico, Elizabeth Snezek, Tamara Jean Treder
10 Years: Donald D. Blunk, Ronald J. Boock, John J. Born, Yasmine N. Capetillo, Mary A. Chase-Ziolek, Mario F. Frias, Carolyn J. Lach, Katie Maier-O'Shea, Mark S. Olson, Maria I. Reyes, Tom Zelle
5 Years: Ilsup Ahn, Noelle Baker, Angelyn K. Balodimas-Bartolomei, Chad Eric Bergman, Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom, Gertrude M. DeWaters, Leigh Ann Drevs, David P. Frisk, Alice Gorguis, Cheryl L. Hobart, Bradley L. Nassif, Kristy L. Odelius, Melinda L. Peterson, Daisy Santiago-Altiery, Matthew D. Schau, Markitta Sills, David L. Spjut, Daniel W. Tepke, Anthony Zamble (pictured above)