North Park Launches 2010 Outdoor Advertising Campaign

North Park University's 2010 Outdoor Advertising Campaign

CHICAGO (January 15, 2010) – North Park University unveiled its 2010 Chicago-based outdoor advertising campaign on January 4 with a series of advertisements that feature current North Park students and introduce audiences to mystory.northpark.edu , a website where these students discuss the impact of a North Park education on their lives, goals, and aspirations in brief video segments.

Partnering with CBS Outdoor, Titan Advertising, JCDecaux, and Bishop Taylor Group, North Park continues to focus its outdoor advertising efforts primarily on the CTA El, buses, bus shelters, and billboards, although this photographic campaign represents a departure from its text-only campaigns in preceding years. 

“We’re allowing the faces and the voices of our students to tell North Park’s story through theirs,” explains the University’s Director of External Relations Lilian Samaan.

The students, like Colombian-born sophomore Valentina Rodriguez, represent a diversity of backgrounds and interests, as well as a variety of disciplines—from media, to music, to ministry. The advertisements also include three messages—“Be Distinctive. Be Intentional. Be Purposeful”—that underscore the University’s “distinctively Christian, intentionally urban, purposefully multicultural” core values.

Rodriguez, a member of the University’s rowing team, explains how rowing for North Park has taught her the perseverance needed to live her life more intentionally. Senior Bishara Kuttab notes that North Park has allowed him to explore his creativity in media studies while connecting with students from different cultures.

Profiles of all nine students can be viewed online at mystory.northpark.edu.