Search for New Seminary President Begins

Nyvall Hall at North Park Theological Seminary

CHICAGO (JANUARY 19, 2010) – The search for a new president and dean for North Park Theological Seminary (NPTS) is now underway, North Park University President David Parkyn announced this week.

The search committee is chaired by Scott Bolinder, chair of the Board of Trustees' Seminary Committee, and is guided by Rev. Gary Walter, president of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). This committee recently completed an Opportunity Profile presenting a summary of the position and the expectations for leadership.

The process of seeking a replacement for current Seminary president and dean Dr. Jay Phelan represents a collaborative effort between North Park University and the ECC. Phelan will conclude his term in office at the end of the academic year.

NPTS is a dimension of North Park University and is located on its Chicago campus. In addition, it is integrally connected to the ECC as the denomination’s only seminary. Sixty percent of NPTS students come from the ECC, while the remaining students hail from a variety of church backgrounds.

The Seminary president and dean reports to the University president and serves on the University’s senior leadership team. Working alongside the University president, this individual guides the development and implementation of a strategic vision and direction for the Seminary, and serves as the primary liaison between the Seminary and the ECC in areas related to the education of ministerial candidates.

According to the Opportunity Profile, the new seminary leader must “provide visionary leadership for high quality theological education relevant to a rapidly changing world and burgeoning church”; “lead imaginative thinking about needed innovations in seminary education”; and develop strategies and implement mission-driven plans to continue the Seminary’s forward momentum.” The new leader should also be able to advance the commitments of the University and the ECC to foster “purposefully multicultural” communities. The profile states that candidates should “clearly understand and avidly support church ministry in multiple cultural and ethnic communities.”

Nominations for this position may be submitted to Scott Bolinder via Karen Mears in the University president’s office.

Individuals interested in applying for the position should read the Opportunity Profile.