Alumnus Wins Numerous Awards for Short Film

Alumnus Wins Numerous Awards for Short Film

CHICAGO, IL (September 6, 2010) – A short film written and directed by Chris Hall C’2004 and produced with help from an L.A. Filmworks grant won top honors in two competitions in late April 2010: Best Short and Best Supporting Actor for Rob Monroe at the 4th Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, and the Shoestring Trophy at the 52nd Annual Rochester International Film Festival. L.A. Filmworks is an enrichment program that aims to create quality cinematic art and entertainment, while providing alumni opportunities to gain professional experience.

A communications major and theater minor, Hall completed the final semester of his degree at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC), a student program of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Hall says, “The LAFSC program is geared toward creating working professionals who can serve as pillars in the film industry, where decisions are being made. Most graduates are not making overtly Christian, evangelical films, but we’re working within the Hollywood framework to promote our values.”

After completing graduate school at the University of Southern California, Hall began his career as a cinematographer and colorist in Los Angeles. In 2007, he submitted his script for Flint Creek, a historical piece about the War of 1812, and in 2008, he received a $20,000 grant to produce the 22-minute film. By now, the film has earned six awards. Hall says, “This is very exciting, but the great joy is not in winning awards, but seeing a roomful of people experiencing and enjoying the film."

As casting director, Katrina Wandel C’2005, sourced Screen Actors Guild talent to donate their time. “She did this on top of her full-time job at a casting agency,” Hall says.

Now and in the near future, Hall will be working on various music videos, a documentary on women in jazz, and a thriller feature film by Joe Dante, director of Gremlins. He credits North Park with providing an excellent foundation for his film career: “I got a very well-rounded education at North Park, but more importantly, it laid the groundwork of my personal faith. North Park challenges you in the formation of your spiritual identity. It wasn’t the Covenant’s; it wasn’t my parents’; it was my own personal faith that I was able to carry with me. The value of that is almost immeasurable.”