Mouttet Joins North Park As VP for Enrollment and Marketing

Nate Mouttet, Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing

CHICAGO, IL (December 3, 2010) – “North Park University has a story that is incredibly compelling and is moving forward on a road virtually untraveled,” says Nathan (Nate) Mouttet, the school’s new vice president of enrollment and marketing.

Mouttet started in his new position Wednesday. He oversees enrollment, external relations, and athletics.

“North Park is one of only a handful of truly intentional Christian colleges in urban locations in America” says Mouttet, “North Park University has been at the forefront of Christian higher education institutions seeking to engage the city and will continue to be at the front edge of that.”

Mouttet says Christian higher education institutions have the mission of being “spiritual and academic greenhouses” in which students integrate their faith as they address society’s most pressing issues. “Christian colleges should thrive by ‘taking every thought captive’ and encouraging students to make their education come to life through Christian service and community,” he adds.

“Over years of working in higher education I can see the marked difference in the lives of students that have been challenged to think about science, the arts and every aspect of life within a community of thoughtful, Christian leaders,” says Mouttet.

Mouttet’s understanding of Christian higher education began while working at his alma mater, John Brown University, where he started as an admissions counselor and eventually became the director of admissions. “There was a lot of thoughtful discussion around issues of what is the role of Christian higher education,” he says. “I realized that was exactly what I wanted for students and what I wanted to be a part of.” He later served as vice president of communications for the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. It was during that time that he first became aware of North Park.

Mouttet says he was impressed with the school’s commitment to serving Christ, engaging the city, and being multicultural, which he calls “a powerful metaphor for the kingdom of God. “I immediately realized that much of what I have considered should be the role of Christian higher education is not only addressed but passionately pursued.”

He cites the school’s tuition restructuring as an example of living out that mission. It was a risky but ultimately successful change because it enabled the university to attract students who might otherwise not have given the school consideration.

Mouttet says his new position gives him the opportunity to continue his vocational work that is “deeply connected to who I am and what I believe.”

Mouttet says he is excited about the opportunity to communicate the university’s mission to an increasingly diverse society. “There is amazing potential in telling this story,” he explains. “The opportunity is to tell stories through whatever medium is best - blogs, photo galleries, video essays, and other forms of new media. With the purpose of helping students see that this is a place of transformation – of themselves and the world around them. North Park is clearly committed to the motto ‘Lives of Significance and Service’.