North Park Senior Receives Appointment to Teach for America

Skye Moe, Teach for America

Skye Moe was one of the select finalists recently chosen for the Teach for America corps, a competitive and prestigious government program which pairs promising young teachers with students in underserved communities. She was one of nearly 50,000 college seniors to apply for the program, and one of close to 12% who were awarded a post. This is the second consecutive year a North Park senior has been selected, following a rigorous three step process which culminates in a day long interview.

Moe, a biology major, was originally headed for a career as a doctor. She heard about Teach for America from Amanda Padgett, the North Park senior who received an appointment in 2010. Padgett’s commitment to educational equity inspired her to consider a similar path. “I knew that I too wanted to help young people who were not as fortunate in their education as I have been. After hearing and doing research about the program I realized that the passion I once had for becoming a doctor was rooted in helping others in need and giving back for all of the ways God has blessed me.”

Her assignment in the Las Vegas valley will take her far from Chicago and her native Minnesota. “I am both excited and nervous about moving to Las Vegas . . . I know that it is a long way from home and from anything I have previously experienced . . . but I am excited to have the opportunity to work toward closing the achievement gap where it starts.” Moe will work with the youngest of students, building a foundation for their educational future. “I have been assigned to teach early childhood education . . . I’m really excited to have been given the opportunity to work with three- and four-year-olds in low-income communities.”

During her years at North Park, she found a good foundation for her own future. “At North Park University I was exposed to new situations, new people, new independence and the pressures of classes. North Park provided an environment that allowed me to establish my independence, while maintaining an unbroken connection with a faith community in which I found comfort and a sense of stability.”

Moe’s motivation is to combine her particular gifts with service to the larger community. “North Park has taught me to appreciate the gifts God has blessed me with and that giving back to communities is one way in which my generation can have an impact. Teach for America is an opportunity for me to have an immediate way into something I feel passionate about . . .” At North Park, she says, “The rigorous academic culture along with the unparalleled liberal arts education . . . pushed me to stretch my academic goals while participating in a community valuing service, leadership and personal growth.”