Trip to India, 2010

An Experience of the Face of Injustice in Northern India

During spring break in 2010, Dr. Boaz Johnson led a group of twenty pilgrims including undergraduate students, seminary students and pastors on an moving experience in northern India.  The trip was a joint venture between the department of Biblical and Theological Studies, Global Partnerships of North Park's University Ministries, and Truth Seekers International.

Pilgrims Pilgrims

The group gathers for a photo at the hostel where they stayed, just prior to a trip to one of the far-flung areas.

In Christ's Likeness In Christ's Likeness

NPU students wash the feet of the Shudra women in a gesture of humility and respect.

Bridging Gulfs Bridging Gulfs

Dr. Johnson translates the words of Shudra women and NPU students to bridge the language gap between them.

Pilgrims Become Tourists Pilgrims Become Tourists

On their only day off during the experience, the group visits the iconic Taj Mahal. While it is a symbol of beauty and glory, the Taj Mahal is also an outcome of injustice in that it was built primarily by slaves.