New Books from North Park Faculty

Paul DeNeui and Sawai Chinnawong
That Man Who Came to Us
(William Carey Library)

This book tells the story of the life of Jesus Christ through traditional Thai art.


Lorenzo Florián
A Comparative and Dialectical Lexicon of Variations in Modern Spanish Vocabulary: Tracking Linguistic Differences Across Cultural, National, and Dialectical Boundaries
(Mellen Press)

The first linguistic resource of its kind, this book compares the lexicons of all Spanish-speaking countries. It includes English translations and Spanish definitions.


Gordon D. Fee and Robert L. Hubbard Jr., editors
The Eerdmans Companion to the Bible

This volume has user-friendly maps, charts, graphics, and photos, bringing ancient places to life. Accompanying articles offer significant insights into the Bible's people, places, and main ideas.


Roger E. Hedlund, Sebastian Kim,
and Rajkumar Boaz Johnson
Indian & Christian:
The Life and Legacy of Pandita Ramabai


This collection of essays chronicles the life of Pandita Ramabai, an Indian social reformer and activist best known for her advocacy for improving the lives of Indian women.


Barbara Levandowski
The Adventures of Muffin and Alexander: A New Home, a New Beginning and The Adventures of Muffin and Alexander: Let the Explorations Begin
(both by Trafford Publishing)

This series of children's books is about the adventures of two kittens, Muffin and Alexander.


Scot McKnight
The King Jesus Gospel:
The Original Good News Revisited


McKnight's most recent book argues for the recovery of a "gospel culture" in which the church goes beyond a framework that stops at personal salvation.


C. John Weborg
Made Healthy in Ministry for Ministry
(Wipf and Stock)

In this reflective volume, Weborg helps pastors remain healthy for ministry by maintaining vocational clarity.


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