Recently Published Faculty Books

Norwegians and Swedes in the United States by Philip J. Anderson

Norwegians and Swedes in the United States

Philip J. Anderson and Dag Blanck, editors
(Minnesota Historical Society Press)

For 19th-century American immigrants hailing from Norway and Sweden, differences in language, culture, and religion sorted them into distinct groupings. In this groundbreaking volume, Seminary professor of church history Philip Anderson shares perspectives on context, culture, conflict, and community.

The Augustana Synod and the Covenant Church by Philip J. Anderson

The Augustana Synod and the Covenant Church: Contact, Conflict, and Confluence 1860–2010

Philip J. Anderson, editor
(Swedish-American Historical Society)

Among the denominations begun by Swedish immigrants in the 19th century were the Augustana Synod and the Evangelical Covenant Church. Both shared roots in Sweden’s religious life and a common history, and followed their own trajectories in American life.

The Easter Jesus and the Good Friday Church by Gregory S. Athnos

The Easter Jesus and the Good Friday Church

Gregory S. Athnos
(Outskirts Press, Inc.)

The risen Lord became the disciples’ launching pad for faith, and from that glorious platform they reached back and embraced his crucifixion. Professor emeritus of music Gregory Athnos believes that it should be the same for us today.

  The Art of the Roman Catacombs by Gregory S. Athnos

The Art of the Roman Catacombs: Themes of Deliverance in the Age of Persecution

Gregory S. Athnos
(Outskirts Press, Inc.)

The culmination of 37 years of research in the catacombs of Rome, this book is an attempt to see this treasure of catacomb art as more than art; it is a veritable theology of the early pre-legalized Church.

Healthy Human Life by James K. Bruckner

Healthy Human Life: A Biblical Witness

James K. Bruckner
(Cascade Books)

How does the Bible describe or define health and healing? The biblical witness can transform the way we practice the healing arts. In this book, Seminary professor of Old Testament James Bruckner C’79 S’83 provides a biblical foundation for health and its restoration.

  Perspectives on our Struggle with Sin by Stephen Chester, et. al

Perspectives on our Struggle with Sin: Three Views of Romans 7

Stephen Chester, Grant Osborne, Mark Seifrid, and Chad Brand
(Broadman & Holman)

Seminary professor of New Testament Stephen Chester presents in point-counterpoint form three differing views of a Christian’s relationship with the law, flesh, and spirit as illustrated through Paul’s often-debated words in Romans 7.

Vocal Technique by Julia Davids

Vocal Technique: A Guide for Conductors, Teachers, and Singers

Julia Davids and Stephen LaTour
(Waveland Press, Inc.)

This is the first book to connect the disciplines of vocal pedagogy, vocal science, and choral technique. In it, Stephen J. Hendrickson Endowed Chair of Music Julia Davids fills a need for accurate, well-researched, and easy-to-read information on how to teach and learn singing.

  Complexities of Money and Missions in Asia, Paul DeNeui, editor

Complexities of Money and Missions in Asia

Paul De Neui, editor
(William Carey Library)

From seven different indigenous and expatriate perspectives, this volume from Seminary professor of missiology Paul De Neui deals with the perceptions of money specifically from those seeking to serve obediently in the Buddhist contexts of Asia.

The Adventures of Muffin and Alexander: Off to School by Barbara Levandowski

The Adventures of Muffin and Alexander: Off to School

Barbara Levandowski
(Trafford Publishing)

Get ready to laugh at this third installment of furry friends Muffin and Alexander from professor of education Barbara Levandowski C’70. Follow their escapades as they go to school and cause big surprises for the teachers and students.

  Bringing Jesus to the Desert by Bradley Nassif

Bringing Jesus to the Desert

Bradley Nassif

Professor of biblical and theological studies Bradley Nassif tells the story of how the deserts of the Holy Land forged a lasting legacy of faith. This book can help readers draw on God’s power in the deserts of their own lives.

The Philokalia by Bradley Nassif and Brock Bingaman

The Philokalia: A Classic Text of Orthodox Spirituality

Brock Bingaman and Bradley Nassif, editors
(Oxford University Press)

The purpose of this volume is to provide an ecumenical collection of scholarly essays on the Philokalia that will introduce readers to its background, motifs, authors, and relevance for contemporary life and thought.

  Kiss the Stranger by Kristy Odelius

Kiss the Stranger

Kristy Odelius and Timothy Yu
(Corollary Press)

A collection of poems from associate professor of English Kristy Odelius.

Honoring the Generations, Soong-Chan Rah

Honoring the Generations: Learning with Asian North American Congregations

M. Sydney Park, Soong-Chan Rah, and Al Tizon, editors
(Judson Press Publishers)

In this volume, Seminary associate professor of church growth and evangelism Soong-Chan Rah and his co-editors bring together diverse leaders to explore the opportunities for ministry in an Asian, North American, Christian community that is increasingly challenged by a generation gap.

  Jesus, Matthew's Gospel and Early Christianity, Joel Willits editor

Jesus, Matthew’s Gospel and Early Christianity: Studies in Memory of Graham N. Stanton

Richard A. Burridge and Joel Willitts, authors; Daniel M. Gurtner, editor
(Library of New Testament Studies)

A distinguished array of contributors, including co-author and associate professor biblical and theological studies Joel Willitts, pay tribute to the work of theologian Graham N. Stanton by engaging with the principal areas of his research and contributions: the Gospel of Matthew and early Christianity.

The Making of a Modern Greek Identity by Theodoros G. Zervas

The Making of a Modern Greek Identity: Education, Nationalism, and the Teaching of A Greek National Past

Theodoros G. Zervas
(Columbia University Press)

In this volume, assistant professor of education Theodoros Zervas explores the ways in which the teaching of Greek history in Greek schools helped shape a Greek national identity. The period covered was a time of major social, political, and cultural change in Greece.