Administration and Staff

Dave Kersten

David Kersten

Dean of the Seminary

Rev. Dr. Dave Kersten came to North Park Theological Seminary as its dean in 2012, "excited about the opportunity to participate in the shaping of a generation of vocational leaders for the whole church."

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Deb Auger

Debra Auger

Dean of Students and Community Life

Rev. Debra Auger welcomes new students for orientation and guides graduating students in the Call to Ministry process, walking alongside North Park students to help create a culture of balance and well-integrated, whole lives. 

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Stephen Chester

Stephen Chester

Academic Dean, Professor of New Testament

Dr. Stephen Chester tells his new students that they should come prepared to be changed. “Be ready to study, but also to explore your calling and to be stretched in actual ministry contexts." 

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Guylla Brown

Guylla Brown

Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Guylla Brown coordinates the inner workings of the Seminary, serving as the administrative assistant to the Seminary dean and helping to organize the Symposium, Nyvall, Lund, and Palmquist lectureships. Guylla also oversees the Call to Ministry process for graduating students.

Kris Bruckner

Kristine Bruckner

Academic Writing Instructor and Thesis Format Reader

Kristine Bruckner has served at North Park Theological Seminary since 2002, working with students on writing and research skills for graduate-level work. "It is a joy to empower students to succeed and thrive in seminary by helping them to write clearly, but also by helping them to understand seminary culture," she says.

Alex Macias

Alexandria Macias

Associate Director of Seminary Academic Services

Alex Macias ensures the Seminary’s academic programming runs smoothly, overseeing the academic catalog, scheduling of courses, academic advising, and registration. Alex also assists the academic dean with faculty coordination.

Deborah Penny

Deborah Penny

Associate Director of Field Education

In her work in the Field Education department, Rev. Deborah Penny assists students in developing skills and competencies for ministry through assessment, career planning, internships, and clinical pastoral education experiences.

Deidre Robinson

Deidre Robinson

Seminary Academic Services Manager & Lilly Grant Manager

Deidre Robinson manages a number of programs at the Seminary, including the pastor and professor in residence program and programs for the Theological School Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers, a grant program the Seminary is participating in with the Lilly Endowment, Inc. Deidre also serves as the Seminary transcript evaluator.

Emily Wagner

Emily Wagner

Student Services Coordinator

Emily Wagner manages the office of student services and provides administrative support to the Seminary dean of students. She oversees the testing and evaluative processes for students. Emily also conducts the new student orientation program and facilitates Seminary communication and events.