Youth Ministry Certificate

Deepen your understanding of youth, youth culture, and how the church plays an important role in the lives of today's young people with a graduate level certificate in youth ministry. Millennials and the emerging “cyber generation” operate in a world driven by media, multiculturalism, and immediate access to information from around the world—and all of this can change very quickly. How can youth pastors, volunteers, youth advocates, coaches, and teachers share Christian faith in ways that integrate theological depth with cultural relevance?

North Park Theological Seminary’s youth ministry certificate will help pastors and lay leaders answer this question. Beginning with a survey of Christian education and the foundations of youth ministry, the program then allows you to choose electives that focus on your area of interest or ministry context. You’ll integrate theory and practice in each course and be able to immediately apply what you’re learning to your current relationships with youth and their families.

This 12-credit certificate is designed to be completed in about two years, through intensive and intensive-hybrid course formats, so that youth workers from around the country can continue in ministry while pursuing their studies. The two core courses—Christian Formation in the Church and Foundations of Youth Ministry—will be offered in the January and summer terms of 2015. As well as identified electives, there are opportunities for independent study courses so you can tailor the certificate to your context.

Courses for this certificate can also be applied to a master’s degree at the Seminary, which may lead to ordination in the Evangelical Covenant Church or another denomination.

Meet the Faculty

Dan White HodgeDr. Daniel White Hodge is the director of North Park’s Center for Youth Ministry Studies and an expert in youth ministry, urban and hip hop culture, and the role the church can play in transforming young people’s lives. He will serve as both professor and advisor for the Seminary’s youth ministry certificate students.

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Required Courses (6 credit hours)

  • CEDF 7200 Christian Education and Formation in the Church (available as a January 2015 intensive)
  • CEDF 6300 Foundations of Youth Ministry (available as a Summer 2015 intensive)

Two of the following (6 credit hours)

  • CEDF 6228 Management Issues in Youth Ministry
  • CEDF 6231 Ministry with Families
  • CEDF 6303 Youth Issues and Assessment
  • CEDF 6273 Camping and Retreat Ministry
  • CEDF 6310 Special Topics in Youth Ministry (Urban Youth Ministry, Curriculum Development, Discipleship Theory and Practice, etc.)

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