Program Requirements

The DMin in urban ministry leadership is designed to help you:

  • Expand your understanding of the socio-historical development of cities as part of the relationship between the church and the urban context
  • Identify the skills you need to engage socio-cultural analysis and contextualized theological reflection as part of your ministry
  • Develop a biblical theology for urban ministry
  • Apply an ethical framework as you consider the role of the church in confronting or interacting with issues that arise in the urban context
  • Understand why and how communal discernment and spiritual reflection lead to healthy urban ministry and congregational leadership

Online and Intensive Study, 36 credits

The first 36 credits of this DMin program are completed through online and intensive coursework. Your cohort will meet online over a 10-week period prior to a five-day intensive study together in a major American city. It will take approximately three years to complete.

Students entering the DMin in Spring 2014 will follow this schedule:

  • Online Coursework beings April 21, 2014
  • Intensive I: Toward a Theology of Urban Ministry
    • Los Angeles, June 23–27, 2014
    • 12 credits
  • Intensive II: Race and Ethnicity in the American Urban Context
    • Chicago, June 22–26, 2015
    • 12 credits
  • Intensive III: The Practice of Urban Ministry
    • Atlanta, June 20–24, 2016
    • 12 credits
  • Independent Study Project, 4 credits

    Following three years of cohort study, you will work with your professor to select and attend a conference or denominational gathering, or to choose another appropriate experience, related to an urban ministry leadership topic. Together, you'll develop a reading list and writing project in conjunction with this event or experience.

    Doctoral Project, 8 credits

    After completing the core coursework, you will begin writing a doctoral research project focusing on your ministry passion and interests. Your doctoral project will take two-to-three years to complete, culminating in a 125–175 page paper that represents your learning and theological reflection, and responds to a significant issue in ministry. A doctoral project handbook will guide you through this project, along with support from program faculty.

    Program Requirements

    Students entering the program with a master of divinity (MDiv) degree (or its equivalent) from an approved school must complete 48 credits for this doctoral degree. The full program, including the writing project, should take approximately five to seven years.

    Students entering with a two-year, at least 60-hour, theological master of arts (MA) degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited institution should contact Seminary Admissions for more information on credit and course requirements for this doctor of ministry program.

Student listening in class