Your tuition deposit of $200 confirms your intention to enroll at North Park Theological Seminary, and it is a credit toward your first semester bill.

Tuition deposits are due by June 15 (for fall enrollment) and December 1 (for spring enrollment). If you are accepted to the Seminary after June 1 (for fall enrollment) or December 1 (for spring), you will have three weeks to accept your admission offer by paying your deposit.

Your tuition deposit is refundable up until May 1 for the fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester.

In order to pay this deposit, you must first set up your North Park network account with your student ID number. You will not be able to register for classes, apply for campus housing, or access your North Park email account until you have paid your tuition deposit.

You must login with your North Park network account to access the payment page. You can setup your North Park account online.

You may pay your tuition deposit online using a check or credit card.