LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response is a personal safety app for iPhone and Android smartphones that can be used anytime, anywhere. This app is offered free to all North Park University students, as well as full-time faculty and staff.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot verbally articulate what help you might need, this app can send an emergency alert on your behalf and communicate your location and identification details to emergency responders.

App Features

touchscreen phoneThe app is initiated with a 4-digit code and by holding your thumb on the screen. By removing your thumb, an alert is sent to emergency responders.

clock You may also initiate a hands-free timer mode that sends an emergency alert if you have not deactivated the app within a specified amount of time. This is ideal for activities such as jogging or carrying books.

Location icon The app comes with GPS location and tracking, which provides emergency responders with your exact location and other details, like height and hair color.

telephone In addition to alerting a 24-hour call center during an emergency, the app will also send notifications to up to seven contacts of your choice. Two contacts are required to use the app.


Learn more about all the app features and tools by visiting llresponse.com.

LifeLine Setup Tips

Choosing Your Codes

When setting up the app, you'll choose a 4-digit code to operate the app. You'll use it when you are both arming and disarming the app. Choose numbers that are simple to input into your phone, and easy to remember.

The app will designate a second secret code that is 1 digit higher than the code you choose. This secret code is to be used if you find yourself in an emergency and need to give the appearance of turning the app off, but still want to notify emergency responders you need assistance.

Fill in Your Personal Profile

The app will ask you for details like your height, weight, and hair color. Provide as much information as you can; if you ever use the app to call for an emergency responder, these details will be automatically transmitted to them (along with your GPS location) so they are better able to locate you.

Choose Your LifeLines

You can select up to seven people to be your LifeLInes, inputting their email addresses and cell phone numbers. (Their phones must be able to receive text messages.) You must choose two people when you are setting up the app, and you can go back and add more. These LifeLines will receive a text and email alert that you are in trouble—along with instructions for how to learn more about the situation—should you ever activate the alarm through your app. The app will still notify your local emergency responders, based on your GPS location.

We recommend inputting your parents, a trusted sibling, close friend or roommate, another close adult relative, a boyfriend or girlfriend—individuals who will want to know or be able to assist you following an emergency situation.

Please inform your LifeLines that you are choosing them. They will receive an email from LifeLine Response letting them know they have been chosen as your LifeLine and will have to respond to accept this responsibility.

LifeLine Response EDU

Get Started with LifeLine

Be prepared with this app—free for students—in a few simple steps.

1. Download the app

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

Or text ''LLR4me" to 74700

2. Register your app for free

When prompted, use your @northpark.edu email address to register the app and choose "IL - North Park University" when asked for your organization.

3. Customize your app

Follow the prompts and instructions to finish setting up and testing your app. You'll enter a personal profile and choose LifeLines—people who will be informed (along with emergency responders) if you ever sound an alert.

See "LifeLine Setup Tips" to the left for some suggestions on choosing your arm and disarm codes and your LifeLines.


If you have technical questions on installing or setting up the app, contact LifeLine Response directly.