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Collection Policy and Records Management

Policy for North Park University Collection

The mission of the Covenant Archives and Historical Library, which includes the North Park University Archives, is to support the activities and goals of the Evangelical Covenant Church and North Park University. This support is accomplished through identifying, collecting, preserving and making accessible those records of enduring value which document the above institutions. The collection is for the use of the Covenant Church, the University, and the general public.

Statement of Authority

The Covenant Archives was created by official action at the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Annual Meeting held at North Park in 1935. The Archives has been housed at North Park since 1953. The denomination retains ownership of the materials. The Archives is part of and administered by the University Library.

Collection Development Policy

The Archives will actively collect and make accessible records based upon their support of the above mission and the missions of the parent institutions. All recorded information, regardless of format or characteristics, made or received and maintained by an office, organization, or person will be considered for the collection. The collection will be developed by the expertise of the professional staff as well as through the recommendations of the Evangelical Covenant Church’s administration and the Commission on Covenant History, and North Park University administration.

North Park University records will be actively collected and made accessible according to the following general guidelines, with the implied precedence:

  1. Administrative records of North Park University
  2. Personal papers and collections documenting faculty, students and administrators carrying out the mission of North Park University.
  3. Publications issued by North Park University

Management and Transfer of Administrative Records

Offices and departments of North Park University will find it necessary to manage and, from time to time, transfer administrative records to the Archives. Currently there is no institution-wide records retention policy or schedule of records transfer for any office. The director of archives will gladly consult with you to help determine which material should be transferred.

Please contact the Archivist for a consultation or/and to arrange the transfer of records.

Download guidelines recommended by the archives for managing and transferring records.

Transfer of Records Form must accompany all records received by the Archives.

Collection guidelines based on policy endorsed by the Commission on Covenant History, January 26, 1999. Recommendations by F.M. Johnson Archives and Special Collections staff added May, 2009.