Career Development Course

Career Planning (ASCR 1030)

This course is offered each semester and is designed to meet the specific needs of first-year, second-year, and transfer students.

I. Course Description

Students will explore decision making, goal setting, and values clarification and investigate options in majors and careers. Consideration will be given to the transition from the academic arena to the world of work.

II. Course Objectives

  • To increase self-understanding and self-awareness in relation to interests, skills, needs and values
  • To encourage active planning of college coursework, development of skills, employment and internships related to major fields of study, and involvement in activities that support career goals
  • To inform students about the numerous experiential opportunities that will build skills and experiences in order to be competitive upon graduation

III. Class Format

Class will meet twice weekly for 100 minutes each session. The mode of instruction will include small and large group discussion, structured assignments, experiential activities, and guest lecturers as available.

IV. Course Requirements

ACSR 1030 is a two-semester-hour course, and is graded on a pass/fail basis.

V. Course Materials

Textbook information will be provided each semester.

Contact us with any questions about how this course can help you plan your career path.

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