Life After North Park

F-1 Students

After a completing a program of study at North Park (ESL, undergraduate, or graduate) a student on an F-1 visa has several options, all of which must happen within 60 days after the program's end-date:

  • You may take 60 days to travel within the U.S. and prepare to depart the country. You cannot work during this period of time, and you may not depart and renter the country.
  • You may apply for another program at North Park.
  • You may apply for an academic program at another U.S. university.
  • If you've completed an undergraduate or graduate degree (but not only the ESL program), you are eligible to apply with the USCIS for one year of employment authorization in the United States. This employment opportunity, referred to as Optional Practical Training (OPT), is only permitted in your major field of study. Please contact the International Office for information on applying for OPT, or download the OPT instruction sheet.

J-1 Students

After completing an exchange program, a student on a J-1 visa has 30 days to travel within the United States and prepare to depart the country. You cannot work during this grace period, and cannot depart and reenter the country.

Transcript from North Park

If you wish to continue your education at another institution, you will likely need a copy of your transcripts from North Park University. You can request these at any time.

International Graduate