Safety and Security

North Park University is proud to be a university located in an urban setting. With this setting, comes the important responsibility of maintaining the health, safety, and security of our students. Residence Life Staff, along with Campus Security, provide many resources to aid in students' safety.

Campus Security Officers

Officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day and keep their eyes open for any suspicious or wayward behavior. They are on-call for the hours they are on-duty and may be reached at any time. Visit Campus Security for more information.

Front Desks

Five of the living areas have front desks staffed 24/7 by Desk Attendants. Desk Attendants are most importantly present to monitor who enters and exits the buildings. They also offer assistance to students in an emergency by calling the Resident Assistant on-duty, security, and/or 911.

When students enter a living area with a front desk, they must show the Desk Attendant their Student ID. All guests must be checked in by a host, and be with their host at all times while they are visiting.

For residents’ safety, all of the front doors to the living areas with desks are closed and locked between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Residents can enter the building by using their ID or the buzzer system at the front door of the building.

Escort System

Security officers are available for students to call if they desire an escort. Students may ask for an escort from one building or place to another on-campus as well as from the local rapid transit line at the Kedzie and Kimball stops late at night. Students can call (773) 244-5600 to request an escort.

RA and RD On-Duty

Every day from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am each living area has a Resident Assistant On-Duty who remains in that living area during that time. In addition to building relationships, answering questions, and doing lock-outs this person is available to respond in the event of an emergency or crisis situation.  Residents should contact the front desk of their living area in order to contact a Resident Assistant during an emergency.  If the emergency or situation requires more assistance than the Resident Assistant can provide, he/she will call the Resident Director On-Duty and he/she will help respond and call further help if needed. If the emergency is dire, life and death, the front desk or the Resident Assistant will immediately call 911 and security and then the Resident Director On-Duty.

Health and Safety Inspections

Residence Directors and Resident Assistants conduct routine Health & Safety Inspections once a semester in each living area in order to ensure the health and safety of North Park’s on-campus residents. Things that are checked include:

  • Excessively dirty or unhealthy rooms or apartments
  • Appliances that are safety concerns (microwaves in rooms, air conditioners, space heaters, etc.)
  • High intensity lights/bulbs
  • Health and safety related maintenance issues
  • Flammables (will be confiscated)
  • Unsafe lofts or stacked furniture

Residence Life staff notifies residents about the dates and times of Health and Safety Inspections weeks in advance through email, flyers, and posters. While staff are not specifically checking for policy violations during this time, any observed violations will result in disciplinary action.

Personal Property

To protect your personal items, it is important to keep your room/apartment door locked at all times. If you choose to bring valuable items to campus, please be aware that you bring these items at your own risk, as North Park is not responsible for the possible damage, loss, or theft of these items. To ensure your belongings are protected, talk to your insurance company about coverage under your family’s current homeowners policy or purchasing renters insurance, or visit this free resource.

Security in North Park University Residence Life