Sawyer Court

Sawyer Court is an apartment complex housing upper-class students. Sawyer Court residents have the opportunity to live and learn in a diverse community, being challenged to identify and appreciate both commonalities and differences among people, while building the life skills necessary for a successful, independent adult life.

The residence life staff at Sawyer Court and Park North facilitate intentional programing and events to focus on leadership development for residents of these two buildings.

Entryway and Common Areas

  • Access to Sawyer Court is gained through electronic locks that require North Park student IDs to open. Each resident also has a key to their own apartment.
  • A common lounge includes a kitchen, big screen TV, computers, and printer.
  • Like many other apartment buildings, Sawyer Court offers a laundry room, recycling, and storage units in the basement.


  • Sawyer Court houses 100 students in four-person apartments, with two RAs for the building.
  • Each apartment has hard wood floors, central air conditioning, bathroom, full kitchen with dishwasher, stackable bedroom furniture, and living area furniture.
  • Wireless internet access is available throughout the building.

Meal Plan

Meal plans are optional for this residence because kitchens are provided in each apartment. However, Magnuson Campus Center's dining room is just a short walk away and meal plans may be purchased to supplement students' own cooking.

Take a Closer Look

Want to see more of Sawyer Court? Check out the photo gallery with interior pictures, including some great ways students have gotten creative with their decorating skills.

Sawyer Court Leadership

Amy Turner Park North and Sawyer Court 150x150The Resident Director (RD) for Park North and Sawyer Court is Amy Turner. As the RD, Amy lives in an apartment in one of the buildings and supervises the Resident Assistant (RA) staff. All of North Park's RDs are passionate about building connections with students and fostering community in on-campus housing. Amy encourages the special focus on leadership that is a marker of life in Park North and Sawyer Court.

You can reach Amy via email or by calling the Park North Office at (773) 244-4608.

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Sawyer Court