The North Park Voyage is guided by a crew of dedicated faculty, staff, and peer mentors. These crew members know the university inside and out, with expertise on the curricular map of the General Education program as well as the breadth of services and opportunities available to first-year students.

Cornerstone Course Faculty: From teaching you the skills to navigate campus life to challenging you to reflect critically on life’s most important questions, these professors will meet with you weekly over the course of the semester. They will introduce you to the expectations and challenges of college life.

Student Services: Whether it's living on campus, paying your bill, getting involved, or managing your time, staff members of the Student Administrative Services and Student Development teams are available to walk alongside you as you plot your college course and help steer you towards graduation. You will be introduced to several of these members through the First Year Connection Workshops and Lectures.

University Ministries: As an educational partner in the North Park community, University Ministries (best known as "UMin") exists to help students integrate their faith in God with the way they learn and live. The UMin staff works to create environments and experiences that are conducive to this transformation: personal yet shared, relevant while counter-cultural, meaningful but challenging.

Faculty Advisors: Upon enrollment at North Park, you are assigned a faculty advisor in your area of academic interest. Your faculty advisor assists you with adjusting to college life through careful planning of an educational program that is consistent with your interests and abilities. Faculty advisors help plan strategies for achieving academic success and work closely with you whenever you encounter academic difficulty.

Peer Academic Advisors and CREW leaders: Each Cornerstone class will have a peer academic advisor that works with your professor to help you meet the academic demands of college. CREW leaders will offer opportunities for social community in your Threshold week and beyond. As mature students who have been through the program before, they will be an invaluable resource to you in your first year.