Do you know where "LHA" is located? How about why Chicago is called the "Windy City"? We don't want you to feel like you're missing anything, so we've put together this helpful dictionary of places, things, and acronyms. Start studying now, and talk as if you're a seasoned North Parker and Chicagoan as soon as you get to campus.

Allihopa Allihopa
Anderson Anderson
Aramark Aramark
The Bean The Bean
The Bridge The Bridge
Burghatory Burghatory
Campus Green Campus Green
Campus Theme Campus Theme
Carlson Crazies Carlson Crazies
Carlson Gymnasium Carlson Gymnasium
Chapel Chat Chapel Chat
Charcoal Delights Charcoal Delights
Chicago Chicago
Chi-Town Chi-Town
City of Big Shoulders City of Big Shoulders
Collegelife Collegelife
Core Curriculum Core Curriculum
Fika Fika
Foster's Finest Foster's Finest
Helwig Helwig
The Hump The Hump
I.M. I.M.
The Johnson Center The Johnson Center
Lost Boys Lost Boys
The "L" The "L"
Moodle Moodle
My North Park My North Park
North Parker <i>North Parker</i>
Press & Spectrum <i>Press</i> & <i>Spectrum</i>
NPU Campus NPU Campus
Play a Round Play a Round
The Second City The Second City
UMin UMin
Viking Café Viking Café
WebAdvisor WebAdvisor
The Windy City The Windy City