Drake Petersen C'14, 2013 Honor Roll of Donors

Every day at North Park I feel more prepared in my chosen field of study, more aware of the world around me, and even more driven to have an impact on that world. Thank you for your gift.

Drake Petersen C'14

Leadership Society

The Leadership Society honors those who give annual cumulative gifts of $1,000 to $4,999 to North Park University.

    Anonymous (3)
    Ms. Ruth A. Abramson
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Adams
    Mrs. Emily J. Adams
    Mr. and Mrs. Leland M. Adell
    Rev. and Mrs. David H. Ahlberg
    Dr. Lloyd H. Ahlem † and Mrs. Anne T. Ahlem
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ahlem Jr.
    Albany Bank & Trust Company
    Arnold Almer
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Almer
    Dr. Andrew M. Almquist and Dr. Ingrid K. Almquist
    Dr. and Mrs. Terrance A. Almquist
    Mr. Michael L. Altena
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Alulis
    Rev. Daniel Alvarez and Mrs. Ann R. Alvarez
    American United Life Insurance Company
    Dr. and Mrs. Duane R. Anderson
    Dr. Frances M. Anderson
    Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Anderson
    Mrs. Irene E. Anderson †
    Mr. and Mrs. John K. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Anderson
    Mrs. Judith C. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Diann Anderson
    Judge and Mrs. Leland P. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Anderson
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Anderson
    Dr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Applequist
    Steve and Janet Armfield
    Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
    Arvada Covenant Church - Arvada, CO
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Arvid
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ash
    Mr. Michael A. Assim
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Baker
    Mrs. Dorothy L. Balch
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Balsam
    Mrs. Paula A. Banks-Jones and Mr. Curtis Jones
    Mr. Peter A. Barkules
    Ms. Judith E. Barnes
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Barnes
    Mr. William C. Barnes
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barnes
    Dr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Bengtson
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Berger
    Mrs. Elvera Bergstedt †
    Bethany Covenant Church - Mount Vernon, WA
    Ms. Joan B. Bjorkman-Murray and Mr. John D. Murray
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin B. Bjorlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bley
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Blohm
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Bloomwell
    Bob and Jane Ann Bradbury
    Dr. Dennis R. Bricault
    Dr. Debra A. Brinkmann and Dr. Benjamin H. Brinkmann
    Dr. and Mrs. James R. Brorson
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Bruske III
    Dr. Elizabeth C. Buccheri
    Mr. and Mrs. E. John Bugbee
    Careers In Nonprofits Inc.
    Mrs. Betty M. Carlson
    Dr. and Mrs. Byron H. Carlson
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Carlson
    Mrs. Janis L. Carlson
    Dr. Judith K. Carlson
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Carlson
    Rev. and Mrs. LeRoy L. Carlson
    Mrs. N. Margaret Carlson
    Miss Sharon M. Carlson
    Rev. Dr. Linnea E. Carnes and Mr. Kip R. Carnes
    Ms. Deena M. Carr
    Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Carstenbrock
    Chapin-May Foundation of Illinois
    Mrs. Marion I. Christensen
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clauss
    Clauss Dairy Farms
    Dr. and Mrs. G. William Cotts
    Ms. Kayla M. Covarrubias
    Covenant Ministries of Benevolence
    Dr. and Mrs. Merwin R. Crow
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Dahl
    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Dahlstrom
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Dahlstrom
    Mr. and Mrs. Suhail Dajani
    Dr. and Mrs. David R. Danielson MD
    David L. Bea & Associates
    Dr. Marie N. Deemer
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark DeSimio
    Ms. Olivia M. DeSimio
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dollinger
    DonorPath Inc
    Nancy Vann Dorsey
    Douglas Foundation
    Rev. Lowell V. Drotts and Mrs. Marilyn V. Drotts †
    Ms. Heather L. Duncan
    Dr. Linda R. Duncan and Rev. Howard J. Duncan
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dvorak
    East Coast Conference Ministerium - East Northport, NY
    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Ecker
    Rev. and Mrs. James R. Ecklund
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ecklund
    Mr. C. Lowell Edgren
    Stan and Rose Edin
    Dr. Kathryn Edin-Nelson and Dr. Timothy J. Nelson
    Ms. India A. Ehioba
    Ms. Joanne R. Ekberg
    Sue Elde
    Rev. and Mrs. Donn N. Engebretson
    Ms. Dottie Engen
    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Engstrom
    Mr. Arthur D. Erickson
    Mr. Bertil E. Erickson
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Erickson
    Mr. and Mrs. David V. Erickson
    Dean and Donna Erickson
    Dr. and Mrs. James H. Erickson
    Mr. Roger E. Erickson and Ms. Kathleen R. Westover
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Erickson
    Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ewald
    Mr. Nathan J. Finch
    First Covenant Church - Seattle, Wash.
    First Evangelical Covenant Church - Grand Rapids, MI
    First Nonprofit Insurance Co.
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fogel
    Mrs. Verna H. Fogel
    Alan and Sara Jo Forsman
    Mrs. Helen M. Fredrickson
    Rhoda and Gil Friesen
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Frisk
    Mr. Gerald Fross
    Dr. and Mrs. Randall Y. Furushima
    Mr. and Mrs. Roby Geevarghese
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Gibson
    Ms. Victoria E. Gilmore
    Mr. and Mrs. James V. Giordano
    Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church - Glen Ellyn, IL
    Lois and Donna Glime
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Gooris
    Ray and Peggy Gordon
    Mrs. Marjorie L. Gores
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. B. Gosen
    Mr. H. Marvin Gotberg
    Grace Evangelical Covenant Church - Chicago, IL
    Great American Insurance Group
    Dr. and Mrs. James E. Greenlee
    Mitchel and Charlotte Greenwall
    Mr. Dwight W. Gunberg † and Mrs. Frances J. Gunberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gustafson
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Gustafson
    Mr. William J. Hamann
    Chaplain Judith A. Hamrick
    Mr. and Mrs. Dave J. Hanson
    Ms. Harriet G. Hargrove †
    Dr. and Mrs. William R. Hausman
    Mrs. Alyce M. Hawkinson
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hedberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Heintzelman
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Heintzelman
    Ms. Mary M. Helfrich
    Ms. Cynthia J. Helwig
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Helwig
    Henry Crown and Company
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Hickok
    John and Kathleen Hill
    Ms. Mary L. Hjelm
    Dr. and Mrs. Peter D. Hoden
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Hokanson
    Mr. and Mrs. David R. Holmertz
    Dr. Calla M. Holmgren
    Dr. and Mrs. Liland Horten
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Howard
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hubbard
    Ms. Tricia L. Ivanoff
    Ms. Evelmyn Ivens
    J. Christopher and Anne N. Reyes Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Jarosz
    Ms. Alveda L. Johnson
    Mr. Burton C. Johnson † and Mrs. Karen R. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Vern Johnson
    Dr. Carole J. Johnson and Rev. Bruce D. Johnson
    Mrs. Charlotte R. Johnson †
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Curtis H. Johnson
    Dan and Ruth Johnson
    Rev. and Mrs. Douglas W. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Johnson
    Mrs. H. Betty Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Johnson
    Mr. L. Jerome Johnson
    Mrs. Margaret E. Johnson
    Dr. Marianne Johnson and Mr. William H. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Johnson
    Dr. Mark S. Johnson
    Mrs. N. Elaine Johnson
    Rev. and Mrs. Paul A. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Johnson
    Ruth E. and Dr. Duane E. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Johnson
    Whipp and Lita Johnson
    Ms. Barbara M. Jones
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones
    Rev. Scott B. Jones and Mrs. Robin M. Jones
    Ms. Falona Joy
    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Kaat
    Mr. and Ms. Roderick S. Kalbfleisch
    Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Kallberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kallberg
    Ms. Jennifer E. Kane
    Dr. Calvin K. Katter and Mrs. Fern M. Katter †
    Mr. and Ms. John H. Kay
    Kelmscott Communications, Inc.
    Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David W. Kersten
    Ms. Kay Keumja Chung
    Mr. and Ms. Richard M. King
    Dr. Larry H. Knipp
    Dr. Jane K. Koonce
    Dr. Stuart R. Kortebein and Mrs. Alice J. Kortebein †
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koubsky
    Ms. Nora D. Kyger
    The Lake County Community Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Landin
    Mr. and Mrs. Dallas K. Larson
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Larson
    Mr. and Mrs. Karl R. Lasseter Jr.
    Law Offices of Kathryn M. Vanden Berk, LLC
    Libertyville Covenant Church - Libertyville, IL
    Diane and Ted Lind
    Dr. Elder M. Lindahl and Mrs. Muriel R. Lindahl †
    Mrs. Eleanor R. Lindahl
    Dr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Lindahl
    Dr. and Mrs. John H. Lindberg
    Dr. and Mrs. James A. Lindblade
    Rev. and Mrs. Richard M. Lindman
    Mr. and Ms. Gary M. Locke
    Lorraine Mulberger Foundation, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Love
    Dr. George D. Lundberg and Dr. Patricia L. Lundberg
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lundeen
    Dr. and Mrs. Dean A. Lundgren
    Mr. Thomas Lydon
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Hugh Magill
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Magnuson
    Dr. and Mrs. James B. Martins
    MB Financial Bank
    Mrs. Patricia M. McCanna
    Mr. Kenneth M. McCullah and Mrs. Anne H. McCullah
    Mrs. Marcia A. McGregor
    Ms. Brittany N. McKenzie
    Rev. and Mrs. Dennis K. McMillan
    Mrs. Dolores A. Meader
    Dr. DeForest W. Metcalf † and Mrs. Mildred E. Metcalf
    Ms. Susan L. Meyer
    Mr. Maynard O. Moline
    Ms. Mary F. Morten
    Mr. and Mrs. William Moucka
    Mr. Nathan Mouttet and Dr. Kristi Russell Mouttet
    Dr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Murakami
    Mr. John B. Murray
    Mr. and Mrs. Neale A. Murray
    National Christian Foundation - Portland
    Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. R. Nelson
    Rev. and Mrs. Dwight A. Nelson
    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon K. Nelson
    John and Suzanne Nelson
    Dr. L. Grace Nelson
    Dr. and Mrs. Leslie G. Nelson
    Dr. Rebecca L. Nelson and Mr. Craig P. Lindley
    Dr. Shobha S. Nelson and Mr. Paul S. Nelson
    Capt. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nelson M.D.
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Nelson
    Mr. and Mrs. William Nevels
    Dr. and Mrs. Dale Nickelsen
    Rev. and Mrs. Paul Nilsen Jr.
    David and Marilyn Noreen
    Mr. Kenneth D. Noreen
    Mrs. Patricia Noreen
    Dr. Robert G. Noreen
    Ms. Arlene E. Norman
    The Northwest Conference of the ECC – Minneapolis, Minn.
    Northwest Covenant Church - Mount Prospect, Ill.
    Dr. Francis H. Norton
    Ms. Mary Nowesnick
    Rev. and Mrs. James D. Oberg
    Mrs. Vivadelle Y. Odell
    Ms. Patty O'Friel
    Dr. Anita Olson Gustafson and Mr. Charles L. Gustafson
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Olson
    Mr. Donald R. Olson
    Mrs. Helen M. Olson
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Otfinoski
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Palm
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Palmberg
    Mary Palmer Gianaras
    Mrs. Arlene E. Palmquist
    Rev. and Mrs. Kent D. Palmquist
    Ms. Danuta B. Panich
    Dr. and Mrs. John C. Pearson
    Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. Pearson
    Peninsula Covenant Church - Redwood City, Calif.
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pensack
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Peregrine
    Mr. and Mrs. Perry R. Pero
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Person
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Curtis Peterson
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles I. Peterson PhD
    Mr. and Mrs. Erwin E. Peterson
    Rev. and Mrs. G. Verle Peterson
    Mr. and Mrs. Glen W. Peterson
    Dr. James C. Peterson and Ms. Serafina Santa-Maria
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey O. Peterson
    Mrs. Joyce E. Peterson
    Kyle and Letitia Peterson
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Peterson
    Rev. Richard and Geri Bevan Peterson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Peterson III
    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Peterson
    Mrs. Verla D. Peterson
    Dr. Wilma E. Peterson
    Ms. Shirley M. Pfenning
    Dr. and Mrs. John E. Phelan Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. James D. Piccard
    Mr. Ian Pinawin
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    Mr. Robert Prosser
    Dr. Sally A. Pryor
    Ms. Kristine A. Pugh
    Ms. Marjorie A. Ramgren
    Dr. Ann M. Ressetar
    Mr. Robert A. Richmond
    Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Rienstra-Kiracofe
    Mr. and Mrs. J. David Robblee
    Rev. and Mrs. Donald T. Robinson
    Mrs. Margene A. Rosenquist
    Dr. Alan E. Roth and Rev. Carol E. Roth
    Miss Lois G. Rowe
    Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Rutherford
    The Saint Paul Foundation
    Rev. and Mrs. John H. Satterberg
    Dr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Schuller
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Sharp
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Shewfelt
    Ms. Mary Ann Shutz
    Beverly and Phil Siligmueller
    Ms. Carol E. Skahn
    Mr. Douglas Skanse † and Mrs. Carol S. Skanse
    Ms. Christine A. Smith
    Ms. Sarah E. Snow
    Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Soderstrom
    Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Soto
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Spann
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Stenmark CPA
    Dr. Kristine E. Strand
    Mrs. Barbara L. Strom
    Dr. Ralph and Joyce Sturdy
    Ms. Catherine J. Suh
    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Summers
    Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Sundberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sundholm
    Roy and Lois Sundquist
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sveen
    Mr. Robert E. Swanberg and Rev. Judy L. Swanberg
    Ms. Evelyn M. Swanson
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Swanson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Swanson
    Mr. and Mrs. Karl D. Swanson
    Dr. and Mrs. Lynwood W. Swanson
    Dr. Michael R. H. Swanson
    Rev. Tammy K. Swanson-Draheim and Mr. Kelly A. Draheim
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Swedberg
    Miss Virginnia M. Swenson
    Ms. Shelby A. Switzer
    Dr. Karen E. Tamte and Mr. Peter J. Tamte
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Tamte
    Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. Theilen
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Thoes
    Dr. and Mrs. Randall K. Thomas
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Thorpe
    Dr. Lauren K. Thorpe and Dr. James Hosek
    Dr. and Mrs. Roger G. Thorpe
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Thyreen
    Mr. F. Albert Tizon
    TMC Builders, Inc.
    Mrs. Lynnette C. Towner
    The Trustmark Foundation
    Dr. and Mrs. Clarke Tungseth
    The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
    UBS AG
    University Avenue Baptist Church - Honolulu, HI
    Urban Partnership Bank
    Mr. Wayne VanderPol
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
    Mrs. Dorothy L. Vikstrom
    The Estate of Dorothy L. Vickstrom
    Mr. Scott D. Voris
    Fred and Ingrid Wahlquist
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wahlstedt
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Walles
    Dr. and Mrs. John Weborg
    Dr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Weld
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Wenstrand
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Westerkamp
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Westerlund
    Dr. Bruce A. Whisler
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wiberg
    Dr. and Mrs. Glen V. Wiberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wiita
    Mr. and Mrs. Dirk A. Willms
    Dr. Richard R. Wilson and Dr. Louise M. Wilson
    Windy City Community Church - Chicago, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Wong
    Mr. Warren W. Young
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zamblé
    Dr. Joan E. Zetterlund
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Ziemer

  • † indicates deceased