PaperCut Print and Copy System

In order to reduce our carbon footprint and be good stewards of our resources, the University limits students' free printing and copying to 200 pages per semester. Beginning with the fall 2011 semester, this new PaperCut system encourages everyone to think twice before clicking "print." After you use up your free allowance, you will pay 10¢ per side to print. Through this initiative, we encourage the whole North Park community to take full advantage of electronic alternatives to printing and to reduce waste.

But the benefits will go beyond our reduction of waste (as good as that is). With paper, printer, and toner costs rising, the University needs to find a way to reduce these expenses. Currently, only 1% of students account for over 20% of our printed pages. Two-thirds of students have printed fewer than 40 sides in a typical month — well within the 200 pages per semester range. If printing continues to increase at this astronomic rate, the costs would need to be passed on to all students through tuition or special fee increases — and no one wants that. The majority of the student population should not be obligated to pay for the printing of a few. The PaperCut system will restore equity in print/copy costs.

Quick facts about PaperCut:

  • Students will start out with a $20 credit each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer), enough for 200 free sides while printing or copying on University printers and copiers (in the library, residence hall lobbies, etc.).
  • After the $20 balance is depleted, students can add more money to their accounts online to pay for printing or copying at 10¢ a side.
  • The system accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards.
  • Students can add non-refundable amounts of either $5 or $10 to their account as often as necessary.
  • Students will not have to use their personal account balance to print or copy on behalf of University departments where they work.
  • The copy credit will also cover any lost copies due to copier or printer malfunction. Because of the generous free copy credit, no refunds will be given for the occasional "lost copy'" should a machine malfunction occur.

Next Steps

Find out how to use PaperCut on campus at North Park.

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