Computer Lab Policies

The following policies apply to students, staff, and faculty when using North Park Computer facilities.

Specific Prohibitions

  • Sending confidential information without encryption. Un-encrypted information can be easily read and re-transmitted.
  • Downloading, keeping, sending, publishing, posting anything that could be considered offensive, vulgar, or harassing by North Park standards.
  • Tampering with any electronic or computer system that you do not own.
  • Any action that will result in the loss of another’s work.
  • Accessing or attempting to access information which does not belong to you or which you do not have legitimate permission to access.

Food and Drink

No food or drink is allowed in the lab. If anyone has food it must be left outside the door to the lab. Accidents or spills could cause expensive damage.

Noise Level

We attempt to maintain an atmosphere conducive to studying. The lab must be kept quiet. It is not a place for socializing. If people are disruptive of others, the lab manager is authorized to ask them to leave or step out into the hallway.

Lost and Found

Removable storage devices (flash/thumb drives, etc.) that are left in the machines are kept in the IT office at least until the end of that quad. 

We find removable storage devices, books, notes, glasses, keys, IDs...even clothes! If you think you left something in the computer lab, but it isn't there any longer, check with the lab manager.

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