Meal Plans

Meal Plan Policy

All students living in a residence hall (Anderson, Burgh, Ohlson) are required to be on a meal plan. Students living in apartments may select a meal plan if they wish. ARAMARK is able to accommodate special dietary needs; students with  dietary needs (gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, vegetarian, etc.) may contact the our dining hall manager, with any questions and for more information. Contact Joshua Davis, ARAMARK manager, at (773) 244-4939 or by email.

General Meal Plan Information

Meal plan options include 10, 15, or 20 meals per week depending on students’ preference and needs. The following are the prices of each meal plan for the current academic year.

Meal Plan Type Price per
Year Price

Flex Dollars
10 meals per week
$1,630  $3,260 Available to be purchased as an addition
15 meals per week
$1,880  $3,760 $25 included per semester; more can be purchased
20 meals per week
$2,130  $4,260 $50 included per semester; more can be purchased

Students living in Park North, Sawyer Court, on-campus apartments or houses, or commuter students may purchase a meal plan if they choose. Alternately, these students may purchase a punch card from ARAMARK for a limited number of meals, may pay cash or credit (Visa or Mastercard) at the dining hall door for any meal, or can sign up for the Flex Dollars program. Meal times at Magnuson Campus Center offer a wonderful opportunity to socialize and get to know other North Park students. You won't want to miss it.

Note: Students who live in campus-owned houses and apartments have a two-meals-per-week benefit in the campus dining hall built into their housing contracts, even if they do not have a meal plan. Contact the Residence Life and Housing office or the campus dining hall for more information.

Box Meal Options

Students who purchase meal plans but find themselves short on time to eat in the dining hall can participate in ARAMARK's box meal program, pre-ordering a meal to be picked up at their convenience. For example, a student with classes on Tuesdays from 11:00 am to 1:45 pm would miss the entire Tuesday lunch period, and can arrange a weekly Tuesday boxed lunch. Contact Joshua Davis, North Park's food service director, for more details or inquire at the door to the dining hall in Magnuson Campus Center.

Flex Dollars Program

ARAMARK's Flex Dollars program allows students, faculty, and staff to load money into an account associated with their North Park IDs and use these funds to pay for meals (at door prices, listed below) in the dining hall or make purchases in Einstein Bros Bagels (in the Johnson Center), or the Viking Café market. Add as much as you wish in Flex Dollars, at any time online, and use your ID to pay. Flex Dollar balances will carry over between fall and spring semesters each year, but expire at the end of an academic year. Flex Dollars can be added in addition to any of North Park's meal plans or purchased separately by anyone not on a meal plan. In addition, no sales tax is added to student purchases made with Flex Dollars, for even more savings.

Students purchasing 15- and 20-meal plans will receive complimentary Flex Dollars each semester, outlined above.

Learn more at northpark.campusdish.com, or get step-by-step instructions on how to purchase Flex Dollars.

2014–2014 Prices

Door Prices

  • Breakfast: $6.92 plus tax
  • Continental Breakfast: $5.57 plus tax
  • Lunch: $9.66 plus tax
  • Dinner: $10.76 plus tax

10-Meal Punch Card

  • $98.74 plus tax
  • The punch card gives you a total of 11 meals—10 paid plus one free.
  • Available for purchase at the door of the campus dining hall in Magnuson Campus Center

Other Dining Locations

Learn more about the hours and options available at Viking Café and Einstein Bros Bagels in the Bickner Bistro.

Food Service Provider

The food service at North Park University is provided by ARAMARK:

North Park University Dining Services
5000 N Spaulding Ave, Box 12
Chicago IL 60625
Phone: (773) 244-4939

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