Vocal Ensembles

From classical to jazz to chamber to gospel, the School of Music offers vocal ensemble choices for every student singer. These groups perform regularly on campus and around Chicagoland, with periodic national and international touring options. Open by audition to all students—music majors or non-majors—classical groups include the University Choir, Women’s Chorale, Chamber Singers, and Opera Workshop. Our unique Vocal Jazz Ensemble is organized and directed by students, and is open by audition for any student. The popular Gospel Choir is open to any singer with a passion for contemporary spiritual and gospel music, and is well-known for its energy and sold-out performances.
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Instrumental Ensembles

Share your instrumental talent in a large or small ensemble. North Park offers University Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and Chamber Ensemble options for all students, music majors and non-majors alike. Each group is conducted or coached by expert faculty, with regular opportunities for performing on- and off-campus. Our instrumentalists also periodically collaborate with the choral ensembles for performances and tours.

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School of Music's Professional Faculty
Professional Faculty

The School of Music faculty is filled with professional musicians who also love to teach. Eight full-time faculty members are complemented by a large group of adjunct faculty who specialize in various instruments and vocal styles. All of these instructors are dedicated to the mission and vision of preparing North Park students for lives of significance and service—which means you’ll be connected with a caring mentor who will coach you to become the best musician you can be.

School of Music Options
One School, Many Options

North Park’s School of Music offers a variety of music major options, from the bachelor of arts (BA) in music to bachelor of music (BM) degrees in education, performance, and music in worship. The BA in music offers four concentrations and covers a broad range of musical topics and skills as part of North Park’s liberal arts core educational philosophy, and may be completed alongside a second major.

The BM degrees are focused options in a musical area, with larger semester hour requirements. Learn more about the other music degrees for undergraduates: education (instrumental, vocal, or piano), performancemusic in worship.

Music major
Why Study Music?

If you love music and dream of a career in the industry, a bachelor of arts in music is a good avenue of study to choose. You’ll learn the fundamentals of your own instrument or vocal range, music theory, literature, and history, while also taking full advantage of courses in other disciplines to enhance your music education. You’ll be prepared for careers or graduate school that range from producing to marketing to directing a music program at a nonprofit organization.

Why Choose North Park

Why North Park?

With a strong reputation and a dedicated vocal and instrumental faculty, the School of Music at North Park University offers you an excellent education in the fundamentals and personal attention and mentoring to help you reach your own goals academically and professionally. You’ll find support for your musical development in the close-knit community of faculty and students, have the option to join a variety of ensembles, and be able to take advantage of Chicago’s vibrant music and performance scene.

Meet the Faculty

The School of Music faculty—both full-time and adjunct—are among the best in the business. From theory and history professors to lesson instructors in all voice types and instruments, you'll have the opportunity to learn technique, style, and the ins and outs of the music industry from professionals who maintain active careers along with teaching.

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Bobby Broom, School of Music professor
Focus Your Study

North Park's bachelor of arts in music degree offers four concentration areas for you to focus your study and prepare for your desired career. Learn more from the descriptions below, and explore your options with arts administration, composition, general studies, or instrumental jazz studies. But don't forget: each of these are music degrees, so you won't miss out on lessons, ensemble participation, and other experiences that will strengthen your own musical gifts.

Certificate in Music for Social Change and Human Values

The School of Music's new eight-semester-hour undergraduate certificate program is available to all music majors. Learn to teach young students how to play stringed instruments in an orchestra setting, using El Sistema-inspired techniques.

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General Studies
  • Get a music degree that will prepare you for a wide range of careers—from performer to industry executive—with the flexibility to broaden your education with a second major, minor, or concentration.
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Arts Administration
  • Take advantage of North Park's strength in nonprofit education to pair your love of music with specialized coursework and an internship that will prepare you for an array of careers.
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  • Pursue your dream of being anything from a singer/ songwriter to a choral composer with focused study on arranging, orchestration, conducting, and technology in music.
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Jazz Studies
  • Chicago is an ideal city for this unique program in instrumental jazz, offering top-notch instructors, a wide range of concerts to attend, and multiple performance opportunities in which you can participate.
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