Conflict Transformation Studies Certificate

While conflict among people is a constant in our world, how we can best approach it is an evolving science. The study of conflict transformation will teach you the critical skills you need to respond to conflict in a productive way, and help make the world a more peaceful place. You’ll enhance your ability to listen, learn to conduct research and analysis, and gain more self awareness in an effort to pursue creative, nonviolent approaches to help in conflict situations.

You will also learn the history and context of many global conflicts and about different processes like arbitration, negotiation, conflict management, and others. This area of study will prepare you to work in community development, peace building, justice and reconciliation, law, criminal justice, psychotherapy, and more.

Why Choose North Park?

We offer a certificate in conflict transformation, a program that deeply connects to North Park’s Christian, urban, and multicultural focuses. As a Christian community grounded in the gospels and with religious values rooted in social justice, we examine several international conflicts from a faith-based, interdisciplinary perspective and make intense use of the city. For example, our students learn about immigration issues by conducting personal interviews at a local neighborhood organization.

Courses draw from biblical and theological studies, sciences, literature, art, communication arts, Spanish, and others. We teach skill development, focus on the interplay of theory and practice, and require an internship. Placements vary depending on students’ interests. Recent students have held internships at Albany Park Neighborhood Council, World Relief, Marjorie Kovler Center, and more.

This certificate is a program available to students alongside their chosen undergraduate major. Majors like communication studies, sociology, biblical and theological studies, or politics and government may be especially appropriate programs for students interested in this certificate.

Certificate Requirements

24 semester hours of coursework, including:

  • Introduction to Conflict Transformation: CTS 3000/5000 (4 semester hours)
  • Conflict Theory, Analysis, History, and Culture (8 semester hours)
  • Training (4 semester hours)
  • Religion and Conflict (4 semester hours)
  • Internship (4 semester hours)

Learn more about the certificate program requirements and view course offerings.

Meet the Faculty

With a passion for justice and for using Chicago as an “extended classroom,” Professors Robert Hostetter and Mary Adams Trujillo each prepare students to examine and transform conflict on personal, local, and international levels.

Alumni Profile
Nick Jefferson

Nick Jefferson C’2012 serves as housing coordinator at the Albany Park Neighborhood Council (APNC) and works with a citywide coalition to change local housing policies to give renters more rights. Learn more about Nick.