International Opportunity

Aaron Nilson’s Spanish and global studies double major opened doors he hadn’t anticipated when he first came to North Park. His interest in international subjects led him to explore history, languages, and many cultures while in college. Upon graduation, he won a prestigious Fulbright award that sent him to São Paulo State, Brazil. 

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Spanish major
Why Study Spanish?
A Spanish major offers study in a wide range of topics—from linguistics to culture to literature to politics—that are vitally important in today’s global society. Millions of people around the world speak Spanish, conducting local and international business. A bilingual fluency in Spanish and English is a sought-after skill in today’s job market for jobs in many fields, including business, education, healthcare, nonprofit, and media.
Why Choose North Park University

Why North Park?

With faculty who are passionate about international life and culture, and a campus located in a global neighborhood of a world class city, North Park’s Spanish students get hands-on experiences from day one. You’ll put your language skills to use at local grocery stores and restaurants, participate in Latino events around the city, and have the opportunity to study abroad. Expand your worldview and gain valuable skills to succeed in any career.

Careers In Spanish

Majoring in Spanish is a great foundation for work in any sector, and can lead to careers in arts and entertainment, government relations, banking, travel and tourism, education, and human services.

Explore North Park’s internship options to help you prepare for the career you want.

Alumni Careers and Graduate Schools
  • Fulbright Awards for teaching English abroad
  • Medical School
  • Ministry internship with Inca Link, a Latin American nonprofit
  • ESL instructor at the college level
  • Graduate programs in speech-language pathology
  • MA Hispanic Studies at Loyola University Chicago
Interesting Classes

Professor Linda Parkyn is hesitant to reveal too much, but her Advanced Conversation in Spanish course has a reputation as a “whirlwind ride”: “It’s a secret what we do; let’s just say we create a fictional universe, become different people, and speak Spanish with abandon!”

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Chicago Is Your Classroom

The Spanish major is urban and multicultural at its very essence. You will take trips to Latino plays, concerts, festivals, and cultural centers. The Mexican History and Culture course produces photo documentaries of Mexicans living and working in Chicago.

Meet the Faculty

You are just as likely to find Dr. Linda Craft with her students on a field trip in the city or on a study-abroad trip with Spanish majors as you are to find her in her campus office.

Read more about Dr. Craft and the Spanish faculty.

Linda Craft, Spanish professor
Beyond the Classroom

Get the education that’s right for you through many extra- and co-curricular opportunities:

  • Join Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honor Society
  • Volunteer to teach English to Spanish-speaking immigrants through Urban Outreach
  • Do an internship to specialize in social work, ministry, counseling, education, political activism, or many other areas
Study Abroad

Spanish majors can join our yearly study abroad program in Cuenca, Ecuador. A professor accompanies North Park students to focus on intensive Spanish-language and cultural study alongside opportunities for travel, service, and host-family living. Other study abroad options could send you to one of 40 countries around the world.