Daniel White Hodge

Dan White Hodge

Director of the Center for Youth Ministry Studies
Associate Professor of Youth Ministry

Classes taught: Urban Youth Ministry; Film, Youth, and Postmodernism; Media and Youth; Adolescent Development

At North Park since: 2012

Dr. Daniel White Hodge’s expertise in the socio-theological aspects of hip hop culture have given him a variety of experiences in, as he says, “seeking God’s love for young people at the cross-sections of the profane and the sacred.” This search for the places where God and young people intersect led him to North Park. “Those are the spaces that the youth ministry department and Center for Youth Ministry Studies make our classroom,” he says.

Dan could see that North Park was a unique Christian liberal arts school. “North Park is attempting something rare,” he says. “I wanted to be on the team that shares my vision of being Christian, urban, and multicultural.”

In his classes, Dan teaches project-based learning from a biblical perspective. “You will be trained to think critically, and leave with a very solid foundation in theory, theology, and youth and adolescent culture,” he says. His students engage the city of Chicago through service, internships, and hands-on course work as they learn to think broadly about what youth ministry is and does. “Youth ministry isn’t just Sunday school lessons—it’s much more,” he says. “It’s also about seeking justice in the city.”


  • PhD, Philosophy of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Graduate Schools
  • MA, Intercultural Studies, Fuller Graduate Schools
  • BA, Social and Behavioral Science, California State University

Recent Publications

  • Daniel White Hodge. Heaven Has a Ghetto: The Missiological Gospel & Theology of Tupac Amaru Shakur. VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Academic, 2009.
  • Daniel White Hodge. The Soul Of Hip Hop: Rimbs Timbs & A Cultural Theology. Downers Grove, Ill.: Inner Varsity Press, 2010.
  • Daniel White Hodge. "No Church in the Wild: Hip Hop Theology & Mission." Missiology: An International Review vol 41, #1 (2013): 97-109.

“North Park is attempting something rare. I wanted to be on a team that shares my vision of being Christian, urban, and multicultural.”