Career Development and Internships Staff

The staff of the Career Development and Internships Office is excited to guide North Park undergraduates through the internship process to further their learning, and participate in their transition out of college and onto whatever is next, whether it is graduate school or straight into the professional world. Feel free to contact each staff member as necessary, or you may choose to send a general comment or question to the staff.

Pamela Bozeman-Evans
Pamela Bozeman-Evans
Senior Director of Career Development and Internships
Phone: (773) 244-5662
Johnson Center, 152
Campus Box: 60

Pam serves as senior director of the Career Development and Internships Office, providing leadership to the staff as well as connecting with students for individual and group career counseling and working with other constituents for development and employer relations.

Pasi Musaindapo
Ignatius Musaindapo
Career Programs Manager ( Career Development )
Phone: (773) 244-5512
Johnson Center, 141
Campus Box: 60

Ignatius (Pasi) works with freshmen and sophomore students as they make academic major choices, develop skills for success in college and beyond, and start thinking about careers after college.

Pasi Musaindapo
Ashley Ritter
Assistant Director, Career Development and Internships
Phone: (773) 244-5291
Johnson Center, 156
Campus Box: 60

Ashley coordinates the North Park University Internship Program, which allows students to earn academic credit while also building their networks and professional communication skills. Ashley also helps juniors and seniors prepare for life after college through individual career counseling and assisting with job search planning, interview skills, networking strategies, and personal branding.