UIC Engineering Partnership Program
Why Study Physics and Engineering?

Advances in technology are happening all around us—from communication to transportation to environmental sustainability. The innovative bachelor of science in engineering and bachelor of science in physics dual-degree program from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Engineering and North Park University prepares you to be a leader in new technology, shaping the cities and industries of the future. You will conduct cutting-edge research, specialize in either civil or mechanical engineering, and be equipped for immediate careers in engineering or for advanced research at the graduate level.

Why study engineering at North Park?

Why North Park
and UIC?

Preparing for a career in engineering in a liberal arts setting allows you to learn to think critically, reason through complex problems, and communicate with people from all walks of life. In a supportive environment and small class sizes at North Park, you will explore physics and engineering from a variety of angles, including engaging questions about the ethical boundaries of knowledge and technology. While at UIC, you will experience the intensity of a top engineering program with leading faculty and research opportunities. With full access to the resources and communities that both schools have to offer, you’ll be well prepared for whatever career path you choose.


A degree in engineering can prepare you for many careers, though some may require additional study.

  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Robotics
  • Bioengineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Space exploration
  • Structural engineering
  • Transportation engineering

Civil or Mechanical Engineering

Two engineering majors at UIC are available for North Park dual-degree students: civil or mechanical engineering. Civil engineering teaches the foundational knowledge and modern technology necessary for effective civil engineering practice. Mechanical engineering prepares students to design, develop, and manage engineering systems and their components.

How the Dual-Degree Program Works

You will be immersed in the world of engineering from your first semester, spending time at both North Park and UIC’s College of Engineering. Most of years one, two, and four will be spent at North Park, completing Core Curriculum and physics courses. Years three and five, as well as two to three summers of classes and research, are spent primarily at UIC. During year three, you’ll choose either a civil or mechanical engineering track.

Throughout the dual-degree program, you’ll meet with a faculty advisor at North Park who will help guide you through the program, ensuring you complete necessary coursework on time and with success.

Explore course requirements and sample plans of study for civil or mechanical engineering.

Summer Research

Most engineering undergraduates spend college summers in research positions at various universities around the country. UIC’s College of Engineering offers many of these opportunities in their programs, so you may not need to pursue opportunities at other schools. Depending on your learning goals and available research options, you may be able to continue working with UIC's expert faculty and apply your learning on real-life research projects.

Campus Resources

Both university’s campuses offer unique opportunities for academic and community life. Students in this dual-degree program will have full access to them all, including the ability to explore two very vibrant parts of Chicago. You can live on campus at North Park, use both university’s research and recreational facilities, and participate in the full worship life at North Park University.

Two Schools,
One Application

Because this dual-degree program begins your first semester, you must indicate on your North Park admission application that you would like to be considered. You do not need to complete a separate application for UIC. However, you must be accepted to North Park by January 15 and have a minimum ACT score of 25 (composite and math). Your North Park admissions counselor will work with UIC to see if you are a good fit for their program and notify you of an admissions decision. Admission to North Park does not guarantee admission to UIC.

and Tuition

If accepted into the joint program, you will benefit by paying North Park’s tuition costs for the entirety of the program, a significant reduction from out-of-state costs at UIC. You will also qualify for the Engineering Fellowship, an annual award of $2,000. All tuition and financial aid assistance, including assistance and paperwork, will be through one central office at North Park.

Learn more about costs and financial aid options for this program.

Meet the Faculty
at North Park

Dr. Stephen Ray is an engineer and educator working towards improving the environment and STEM education. He joined the North Park faculty in 2014, teaching physics and engineering as well as serving as the director of sustainability.

Learn more about Dr. Ray and the physics and engineering faculty.

Dr. Stephen Ray
Meet the Faculty at UIC

The College of Engineering at UIC has 114 faculty members across six departments. They are active in both research and publishing and are dedicated to preparing the next generation of great engineers.

Learn more about the faculty at UIC.

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