President David L. Parkyn

North Park University has a rich and substantial history, one which over many years has shaped the institution we are today. We were established by an immigrant faith community on the Far North Side of Chicago. Today North Park is an academic community molded by a commitment of faith, located in the heart of a world-class city, and comprised of people from myriad world cultures and ethnic traditions.

We summarize this heritage and present character in three words: North Park University is Christian, urban, and intercultural.

In his book, Seeing the Light: Religious Colleges in Twenty-First Century America (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010), higher education scholar Samuel Schuman profiled North Park University and described it as a place which is “difficult to compare to others.” Schuman wrote:

North Park University "is, on the one hand, vigorously religious and strongly denominational with a continuing tie to a particular immigrant population, and yet equally strongly and vigorously open to students from the widest diversity of backgrounds. It occupies a pleasant green and historical campus, in the very middle of a bustling major American city. Perhaps most impressive and surprising, not only is North Park University Christian, urban, and multicultural, but it has managed to be all those things and also to be coherent."

As you visit the University’s web site, and as you have occasion to visit our campus and know the people who teach and learn here, I’m confident you’ll discover for yourself this distinctive character, intentional ethos, and purposeful mission and vision central to North Park University.

Welcome to North Park!

North Park University President David L. Parkyn