North Park's clubs reflect selective student interests and a commitment to organizing related campus programs and activities. Club are sponsored, governed, and funded by the Student Government Association. Clubs do not necessarily reflect the views of the University's parent denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Clubs are organized in three areas:

  • Academic and Education
  • Cultural
  • Social

Academic and Education Clubs

Business Club

The Business Club is a student-led organization that seeks to provide opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Our events focus on real-world experience, networking and career-development. Past events include tours of a variety of businesses, lectures, discussions, as well as social gatherings and volunteer opportunities. Joining the club is a great way to distinguish yourself, meet new people and take the first steps toward your professional career. It is a dynamic club that allows you to utilize your creativity, talents and gain exposure to a broad variety of topics.

Chemistry Club

In North Park Chemistry Club students from all majors are welcome, as long as they have a love for chemistry! The club has gone on field trips to different museums in the city, put on a science fairs for kids, throws Barbecues with periodic table twister, and participates in guest speaker lectures just to name a few events. The club is open to all science related projects and programs in Chicago and is a great place for people to meet different people from the campus and come together to explore the city and discover the chemistry going on in it.

North Park Press

The North Park Press is your source of information for what is happening on campus, in our neighborhood, and beyond. Run by students, the Press has a goal of journalistic integrity in supplying the student body with relevant news and information.

Psychology Club

The psychology club exists to promote psychology as a field and provide support for psychology majors. We host professional, social, fundraising, and philanthropic events each semester. Previously, we have hosted study breaks during finals, movie nights, participation in the community, mental health walks, research talks and guest speakers, student sessions for the comprehensive exam, alumni advice on the job market, bake sales, valentine grams, and t-shirt sales. Participating in the psychology club is a fantastic way to meet other psych majors and learn more about the field of psychology.

Student Nursing Association

SNA provides volunteering opportunities, facilitates communication between nursing students, hold charity fundraisers, educates student about various nursing specialties and health policies, and stands as an advocate for nursing students.

Cultural Clubs

ASC (African Student Club)

Students who join the ASC will learn about the various cultures in Africa by participating in discussions, lectures and social events-on and off campus. Students will also build authentic friendships across cultural lines.

EASA (East Asian Student Association)

East Asian culture is growing and we want you to be part of it! Immerse yourself in our cultural group and join us in our different adventures! We focus on Chinese, Korean and Japanese culture and the most important thing is that you don’t even have to be Asian to be part of this group; we just want your enthusiasm! If you love Asian food or entertainment, come join us! We have two monthly events, both filled with a variety of activities!

LASO (Latin American Student Organization)

LASO is made up of students from all cultures and backgrounds that want to experience and learn about the Latin American culture. They celebrate its food, dance, history and traditions through several activities during the school year. Come and join LASO and experience the richness of Latino culture.

MESA (Middle Eastern Student Association)

MESA represents every Middle Eastern North Park student’s home and family. Thus, through this club all Middle Eastern students at North Park can meet up and feel like they’re still amongst their families and friends in the Middle East. However, MESA is also open to all North Park students with its activities and events which all aim to reflect the Middle Eastern culture and clarify all the unclear thoughts or even questions that NPU students may have.

Q&A (Queers & Allies)

Queers and Allies is an organization that provides a safe space for all students, regardless of orientation, religion, gender identity, or opinion. We are an organization built on constructive dialogue. Queers and Allies approaches the tough questions of sexuality, Christianity, society and community through a lens that includes social, academic, faith, and support-based perspectives.

SASA (South Asian Student Association)

The South Asian Student Association is a student group seeking to unite students who are from South Asian countries and/or those who are interested in learning about the culture.  We hope to provide students with fruitful opportunities to engage in the cultural, political, religious and social areas of South Asian life.

Social Clubs

Allihopa (Women’s Ultimate Team)

The North Park women’s Ultimate team is a group of dedicated, awesome ladies who love to play Frisbee and love the Ultimate community of friends and fun. We travel to tournaments on weekends all over Illinois and the country (we’ve been to Maryland and even Florida!). We practice 3 to 4 days a week and also have other small events to hang out. We’d love you to join us; come check us out.

Lost Boys (Men’s Ultimate Team)

Lost Boys is a community of male athletes. The team is committed to community and excellence. We love to play disc!