Student Development at North Park University

Student Engagement

The Division of Student Engagement encompasses a variety of offices, resources, and experiences available to students which allow them to be supported and encouraged in their transition to college life and throughout their time at North Park. Students experience support in many different areas, whether it be health and wellness, academic achievement, or career planning. By having so many options available to them, students are able to take care of their concerns and/or seek resources on their own. In doing so students can develop important problem solving skills and gain self confidence.

Office of Student Care at North Park University

Student Life and Conduct

North Park expects each community member to fulfill his or her responsibilities as students, as well as participate in student life activities that interest them and which will enhance their University experience.
North Park University Academic Services

Office of Student Enrichment Services and Support

Office of Student Enrichment Services and Support (OSESS) seeks to enrich the campus community by offering a broad range of programs and initiatives that promote and support student success throughout all aspects of the university experience.
A student and her family on North Park campus.

Parent and Family Relations

The transition from home to college is significant for students, parents, and families. We view parents and families as important members of the North Park community and partners in the educational process.
North Park University Graduates

Career Development and Internships

The Career Development and Internships Office walks with students "from first to finish," equipping them with tools for success by providing career counseling and development, internship assistance, and academic major choice assistance.
North Park University Health and Counseling

Health, Counseling, and Support Services

North Park offers a number of health, counseling, and support services to encourage the development of all members of the community and provide resources to help students succeed academically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Residence Life and Housing

Residence Life and Housing

North Park University values the experience students gain from living on campus. Students have several types of housing to choose from, and whether it is a traditional residence hall, an apartment, or a house, living on campus provides community and security with the experience of city living.