Supporting Covenant Students and Clergy Families

North Park University appreciates the opportunity to serve students coming from Evangelical Covenant Churches and the children and other dependents of credentialed Covenant ministers from around the United States and world. These students both contribute to the life and culture of the North Park community and also benefit from the experience of being part of the larger Covenant community to which you have invested so much of your life and ministry.

North Park has had a long tradition of helping reduce the financial burden of paying for college for Covenant clergy families. Currently, there are several ways in which Covenant clergy dependent children are assisted.

There are other scholarships and grants for which your student may qualify in addition to these listed below.

  Annual 4 Year Value
Covenant Member Grant $1,000 $4,000
Credentialed Covenant Minister Dependent Grant $2,500 $10,000
Church Matching Grant (details below)    
Church Gift/Grant $500 $2,000
North Park match $500 $2,000
Camp Grant (details below)
$750 $2,250 (max. 3 years)
North Park Need-Based Grants $250 minimum 
Awards vary based on need 
Covenant Transfer Grant  $1,000
Amount varies based on length of time to graduate

Learn more about grants for new students.

You Should Know

  • These grants are awarded 50 percent for each regular semester that the student is enrolled full time (12 hours of credit or more).
  • While 80 percent of North Park graduates complete their studies in four years, these grants will continue if a student requires an additional semester or two to complete their degree.
  • North Park scholarships and grants remain constant for the duration of a student's studies. The award amount for which you qualify when you first enroll at North Park is the award amount that you will receive the whole time you are an undergraduate student.
  • North Park scholarships and grants that a student may receive during an academic year cannot exceed tuition for the respective academic year.
  • Summer school tuition is already deeply discounted for all students and regular scholarships or grants are not applicable during summer school.

Church Matching Grant

Churches are invited to participate in our Church Matching Grant (formerly "Partners In Education" or PIE) program. North Park will match a church grant or scholarship given to North Park in the name of an undergraduate or seminary student up to $500 per academic year ($1,500 per academic year, over three semesters for seminary students).

Covenant Camp Grant

A $750 award to current students who have completed at least the previous year as a North Park student and who work at a Covenant camp the following summer. The grant is applied to the student bill in the following academic year. These students are expected to be ambassadors for North Park during their summer camp employment and to be exceptional members of the camp staff of which they are a part. Most Covenant camps visit campus early in the second semester to recruit summer workers. Students must attend a brief initial orientation and training session in April before the end of the semester to qualify for this grant.