Billing Basics

Student billing and financial aid calculation at North Park University, for all programs, is done on a semester basis. This means, even if you are a graduate or degree-completion student taking quad-length courses, you will receive a bill for your full semester’s worth of tuition (and other applicable fees) prior to the beginning of the semester, typically in August and December. Your financial aid will be applied on a semester basis, as well, which means that half of an academic scholarship will be applied to Fall and half to Spring, and half of your students loan funds will be disbursed each semester.

Your bill will show your full applicable tuition amount, as well as any pending financial aid that lowers your balance. For your first semester, your tuition deposit (if applicable) will appear as a credit on your bill. You may still have an amount due after all your aid is applied.

Paper bill statements are sent only at the start of each semester. After this, you will receive electronic notifications to your North Park email address every month you have an outstanding balance on your account. You can always review your current balance (and make payments) online through WebAdvisor.

You must make payment arrangements for your next semester’s balance by the tuition due date prior to the start of that semester. For the current academic year, due dates are:

  • Fall semester: August 14, 2015
  • Spring semester: January 5, 2016

If you register for courses after these payment due dates, you will receive a bill that details your charges, as well as any payments made or aid you are receiving, and you should immediately arrange to pay the balance or establish a payment plan. If you enroll for only Quad B of a semester (graduate and degree-completion programs), you must have payment arrangements in place prior to the start of classes.

International students must pay their balances in full prior to the start of the semester.

Regardless of when you start classes, if your account becomes past-due you may incur a late-payment fee and assessed a monthly finance charge of 1.5%. You may also be denied access to campus resources or privileges (housing, dining hall, classes, Helwig Recreation Center, etc.) if your account is delinquent. (Learn more about these ramifications of non-payment in our billing policies.)

North Park offers several payment options to make funding your education easier, and will also gladly counsel you on other loan options that might be available to you.

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Make a Payment

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Make a payment on your account online (via e-check) through WebAdvisor, or by cash or check.