Friends of North Park

Sarah McNaughton C’16

“Thank you so much for enabling me to attend this wonderful school. I would not be here without your support. I love North Park and am so thankful for all it has given me. I hope to give back even more!”

Sarah McNaughton C’16


The Friends of North Park giving club honors those who gave an annual gift of $100 to $999 to North Park University in the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

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Anonymous (10)

Rev. and Mrs. David W. Aaserud

Ms. Cecilia V. Abanto

Mr. and Mrs. Garrick M. Abezetian

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Abkes

Miss Noël J. Abraham

Mr. Herbert C. Abrahamson Jr.

Mr. Mohammed A. Aburmishan

Ms. Amy K. Ackerberg-Hastings
Mr. Nelson E. Hastings

Mr. Mark Acklin

Mr. Timothy J. Acklin

Ms. Katherine A. Acles

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Adair

Miss Haili M. Adams

Mr. Ronald G. Adams
Ms. Leah M. Ogden

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Adamson

Mr. Steven L. Adell

Mr. and Mrs. A. Richard Adkins

Adlai E. Stevenson High School Education Association

Aetna Foundation, Inc.

Agnes V. Decena, D.M.D. Dental Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Ahlberg

Delrose B. Ahlm

Ms. Judy S. Ahmer

Mr. Ilsup Ahn

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Akers

Mr. and Mrs. Willie D. Akerson

Mr. Nicholas P. Alban

Mr. andMs. Robert Albin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Albrecht

Mrs. Alice M. Alderman

Mr. Mark L. Aleckson

Ms. Dalila Alihodzic

Dr. and Mrs. R. Keith Allen

Ms. Sandra Allen

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Almquist

Mrs. Gloria B. Almquist-Shull

Mr. Edward M. Alpert

Mr. Scott Altmayer

Mr. Brent J. Amundsen

Rev. and Mrs. Byron J. Amundsen

Mrs. Fern P. Andersen

Ms. Alice R. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Anderson

Mrs. Ardyce J. Anderson

Mrs. Bernice M. Anderson

Ms. Bonnie L. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Anderson

Craig and Dotty Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig K. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Anderson

Ms. Dorothy J. Anderson

Ms. Faith S. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Anderson

Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Anderson

Mr. Glenn M. Anderson

Mr. Gordon E. Anderson

Rev. and Mrs. James L. Anderson

Mr. Jarold A. Anderson

Mr. Jeffrey Anderson

Ms. Katherine Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ken B. Anderson

Ms. Kristin I. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Lambert L. Anderson

Mrs. Lylas M. Anderson

Mrs. M. Jeanette Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Merlin A. Anderson

Mr. Merwin R. Anderson

Dr. Norbert O. Anderson
Ms. Barbara Etchells

Mr. and Mrs. Orley H. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Anderson

Ralph and Becky Anderson

Rev. and Mrs. Robert H. Anderson

Rev. and Mrs. Robert M. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Anderson

Mrs. Ruth T. Anderson

Ms. Sandra G. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Anderson Jr.

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas B. Anderson

Pastor and Mrs. Timothy K. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Anderson

Ms. Marion Anderson-Peat

Mr. Gordon P. Andersson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrade

Dr. Anne-Marie Andreasson-Hogg
Mr. Robert Hogg

Mr. and Mrs. Hector Andreos

Mr. and Mrs. C. Norman Andrews

Ms. May G. Angel

Ms. Ellie Angelova

Mr. Steven Anixter

Mr. and Mrs. James Annes

Dr. Helja Antola-Crowe

Apart Pizza Company

Mr. H. D. Applequist †

Ms. Giulietta Aquino

Mr. Peter J. Ardito

Ares Operations LLC

Dr. and Mrs. Philip G. Armi

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Arnfelt

David M. Arnold D.D.S.

Miss Nancy A. Arsenault

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Arvidson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ash

Mrs. Patricia E. Ashley

Mr. and Mrs. Assefa

Ms. Janet Atkins

Rev. Jerry E. Au

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Augenson

Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Augustson

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Austin

Mr. Seth M. Awes
Mrs. Marit Johnson Awes

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Awick

Rev. and Mrs. Philip M. Axelson

Dr. Theodora O. Ayot
Mr. Henry Ayot


Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Baab

Ms. Jamie L. Bacon

Ms. Tonia Badakhshanian

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Bader

Mr. Scott M. Bae

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Baer

Mr. Jason H. Baird

Mr. Keith Baird

Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Bakken

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn N. Baldwin

Dr. Angelyn K. Balodimas-Bartolomei
Mr. Paul Bartolomei

Mr. Scott M. Baltic

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bang

Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Bangeman

Bank of America

Ms. Ines O. Baquero

Dr. and Mrs. E. Bruce Barber

Mr. Philip Barber

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Barfield

Mrs. Marjory Barksdale

Mr. Peter A. Barkules

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Barkules

Ms. Julia Barnes

Barry's Metal

Mr. Jon Barth

Mr. and Mrs. Stjepan Basic

Ms. Katherine J. Bast

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bates

Ms. Kathryn L. Baudo

Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Bauer

Mr. Jesse Bauer

Ms. Karin Bauer

Mr. Christopher Baumer

Mr. Keith Bayer

Mr. Aretas O. Bayley

Ms. Stephney Bazi

Marlys Beal

Ms. Patricia A. Beal

Miss Katharine E. Beals

Mr. and Mrs. Noel Becchetti

Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Beck

Miss Janet Becker

Ms. Jayne Beckett

Mrs. Cindy Behles

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Behnke

Ms. Trista R. Behrendsen

Mr. Jake Beidler

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Bekiares

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Bell

Dr. and Mrs. David Belman

Mrs. Arlene S. Bemben

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bencur

The Rev. and Mrs. Paul D. Bengtson

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Benjamin

Mr. Robert Benner

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Bennett

Ms. Carolyn Benson

Ms. Karen K. Benson

Mr. Roland M. Benson †
Mrs. Wilma J. Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Benson

Mrs. Lois I. Benton

Rev. and Mrs. Bradley J. Bergfalk

Dr. Chad Eric Bergman
Dr. Celia Bergman

Mrs. Nina M. Bergman

Dr. and Mrs. John N. Bergmann

Dr. Barton L. Bergquist

Ms. Karin L. Bergquist

Rev. and Mrs. Robert V. Bergquist

Mrs. Elvera Bergstedt †

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Bergstrom

Rev. and Mrs. Daniel P. Bergstrom

Rev. and Mrs. Richard C. Bergstrom

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Berkas

Ms. Norma E. Berke

Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Berkemeyer

Berkshire Restoration & General Contracting

Mr. and Mrs. Clark L. Bernard

Ms. Jane L. Bernes

Ms. Elisabeth Bernsten

Ms. Esther B. Berntsen

Dr. Carol L. Berry

Ms. Je'Shon T. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Bertelson

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Berthelot

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Bertolli

Ms. Raya A. Betadam

Mr. and Mrs. Sargon Betadam

Bethany Beach Tabernacle - Sawyer, Mich.

Bethlehem Covenant Women

Bethlehem Evangelical Covenant Church - Minneapolis, Minn.

Ms. Melody Bickhem

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bigelow

Ms. Helen A. Billings

Ms. Nancy R. Billington

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn F. Binnie

Ms. Claudia M. Bischoff

Mrs. Sue A. Bish

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bishop

Mr. Paul R. Bjerkness

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Bjorklund

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bjorklund

Ms. Joan B. Bjorkman-Murray
Mr. John D. Murray

Mrs. Brenda Bjorlin

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bjorlin

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Bjurman

Rev. and Mrs. Jon W. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blackburn

Ms. Krista E. Bladel

Miss Leah Y. Blanchfield

Ms. andMr. Michelle Bleckley

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Blessing

Mrs. Marcia M. Block

Mrs. Marcia M. Blomgren

Mr. Daniel P. Bloomdahl

Ms. Deborah C. Blue

BNY MellonCommunity Partnership

Ms. Carol Bob

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Boehlje

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Boehm

Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Boettcher

Mrs. Lynne Boge

Ms. Rachel A. Boge

Ms. Karen Bohlin
Mr. Anthony Negen

Mr. Arthur Bohnenberger

Rev. and Mrs. Arnold R. Bolin

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bolsen Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Bolstad

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bommhardt

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Bondor

Mr. Chris G. Boniak

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bonini

Mrs. Betty Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Boquist

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. F. Borch

Mrs. Orel A. Borgeson

Mr. William E. Borgeson

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Borggren

Mr. Federico R. Borman

Mr. John Born

Mr. Robert Borres

Ms. Emmie Lou Boston

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis H. Bostrom

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Bottles

Mr. Dale C. Bottom
Ms. Elaine R. McAuliffe

Mr. William Boushie

Ms. Marianne L. Bovee

Ms. Marvella M. Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bowman

Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Bowman

Ms. Stephanie D. Bowron

Dr. Mark D. Brady
Ms. Krista K. Olson-Brady

Dr. Desmond H. Bragg

Erika R. Brambila

Mr. David Brand

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Brand

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Brand

Mr. and Mrs. John I. Branstrom

Mr. Andrew Braudy

Miss Carol J. Braz

Mr. James A. Brennan

Mr. Cecil C. Breton

Mrs. Diane Breton

Mr. and Mrs. Edson L. Bridges II

Mr. Leo Briody

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bristol

Broadway Covenant Church - Rockford, Ill.

Mrs. Cynthia A. Brock

Mr. Gerald R. Broman

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Bromley

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brooks

Mr. John R. Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Brorson

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Broten

Mr. Arthur Brown

Mrs. Betty-Ann Brown

Mr. Brian Brown

Ms. Darlene K. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Brown

Mr. Jay Brown

Ms. Kathryn Y. Brown

Pastor Phillip I. Brown

Mrs. Lucille M. Brundine

Ms. Gunnel F. Brunsell

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Brush

Rev. and Mrs. Bill L. Bryan

Ms. Patricia Bryan

Mr. William J. N. Buchan
Rev. Tamara J. Buchan

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd V. Buckner

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Budd

Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Buerger

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Buettgen

Mr. Daniel Buhr

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bulthuis

Dr. and Mrs. J. Frank Bumpus

Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Bundgard

Ms. Meagan Bura

Mr. Christopher Burdeau

Mr. Scott Burg

Mr. Robert D. Burgan

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burgoyne

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Burke

Mr. Dennis Burke

Mrs. Patricia Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burke

Mr. Sean P. Burke

Ms. Alison J. Burkhardt

Mr. Harold D. Burkhart Jr.

Mrs. Kristin J. Burkhart

Mr. Greg Burns
Ms. Ann A. Meyer

Ms. Ann B. Burns-Pellman

Ms. Rebecca B. Burright

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Burris

Ms. Donna Burson

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Busey

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bussmann

Mrs. Cheryl Byrne

Ms. Barbara J. Byrum


Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cacciola

Mrs. Jean Cagwin

Mr. John Cahoy

Ms. Patricia E. Calandra

Mr. Robert G. Caldwell

Rev. and Mrs. William H. Callister

Ms. Danielle N. Campbell

Mr. David Campbell

Mr. Robert S. Cannell

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Cappetta

Mr. and Mrs. Cesar J. Cardenas

Mrs. Maren Carey

Rev. and Mrs. Dan E. Carl

Mr. Jeffery Carl

Ms. Jessica L. Carley

Mrs. Arlene H. Carlson

Ms. Carolyn L. Carlson

Mr. Daniel J. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Carlson

Miss Deborah L. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Emrik H. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. James Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Carlson

Ms. Joyce M. Carlson

Mrs. Kathryn V. Carlson

Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Carlson

Ms. Marjorie C. Carlson

Mrs. Marjorie L. Carlson

Mrs. Marlyss L. Carlson

Mrs. N. M. Carlson

Mr. Peter M. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Carlson

Miss Sandra H. Carlson

Miss Sharon M. Carlson

Mr. Terence E. Carlson

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Carlson

Ms. Grace L. Carlson-Lund
Mr. Eric R. Lund

Mr. and Mrs. P. Allan Carlsson

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Carnes

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Carney

Mrs. Carol L. Carr

Ms. Deena M. Carr

Mr. Esteban L. Carrasco

Mr. and Mrs. Javier Carrillo

Miss Lacretia D. Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Carsten

Ms. Kellie A. Carstensen

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Carter

Ms. Mildred A. Carter

Cascades Camp and Conference Center

Mr. Martin Casey

Rev. J. David Cassel
Ms. Christina A. Jones

Ms. Mary Ann E. Castens

Mr. Micah Cathey

Mr. and Mrs. Darren W. Catron

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cavanaugh

Mrs. Marcha L. Cave

Mr. Timothy S. Cederborg

Ms. Carol A. Cederlund

Ms. Caroline Ceisel

Ms. Grace C. Cepla

Mrs. Virginia M. Cervin

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Cesarz Jr.

Mrs. Carola A. Chaffin

Mr. Steven R. Chapman

Ms. Cynthia Charlier

Dr. Mary Chase-Ziolek
Mr. Keith Chase-Ziolek

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Chavarria Jr.

Mr. Heladio Chavez

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Chelgren

Mr. Henry W. Chen

Ms. Licia A. Chiazim

Mr. Donald Chookaszian

Mr. and Mrs. Nils J. Christensen

Rev. and Mrs. Richard J. Christensen

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Christensen

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Christian

Christian Living Communities

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Christiansen

Mrs. Karen E. Christianson

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Christopher

Chroma Salon & Spa, Inc.

Rev. and Mrs. Sang Kyun Chung

Mr. Joshua Church

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cincinelli

Rev. Betzy A. Cisneros
Mr. Christian M. Cisneros

Mrs. DeAnn P. Clancy

Mrs. Maria Clark

Mr. Sam Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Claus

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Clausen

Mrs. Mary E. Clausen

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Clauson

Mr. and Mrs. Cal Cleveringa

Dr. Karl R. Clifton-Soderstrom
Dr. Michelle A. Clifton-Soderstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Clough

Mrs. Joy M. Clutter

Mr. and Mrs. Enrique A. Cob

Ms. Angela Cobb

Ms. Carolyn L. Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Jacquelin Collins

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Colquhoun

Miss Arleta K. Colvin

Mr. Harold Comfort

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Connon

Mrs. Elnor C. Conyers

Mr. William R. Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Cooper

Mrs. Kathryn A. Cordell

Mrs. Helen A. Cornwell

Mr. James Coslow

Mr. Jameson F. Coslow

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Cotromanes

Country Evangelical Covenant Church - Campton Hills, Ill.

Covenant Grove Church - Modesto, Calif.

Covenant Ministries of Benevolence

Covenant Women Ministries

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Cowden

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Cox

Mr. Dealous Cox

Ms. Elaine D. Cox

Mr. Kenneth Cox

Mrs. Sue A. Cox

Ms. Kay H. Coyne

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon N. Crabtree

Mrs. Joyce M. Cramer

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Crawford

CreatePossible LLC

Mrs. Dorothy A. Creed

Mr. John D. Creely

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Critchfield

Mrs. Amanda Crockett

Mr. Steven E. Crockett

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Crockett

Mr. Edward Cronin

Mrs. Barbara A. Crosno

Rev. and Mrs. Robin B. Cumberland

Mr. and Mrs. Judson B. Curry

Mrs. Leola J. Curtiss

Rev. and Mrs. Stephen R. Cushing

Mr. Carl E. Cutsinger


Mr. Rafael Da Fonseca

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dahl

Mrs. Kelley Dahl

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Dahl III

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Dahl

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Dahl

Mrs. Nancy C. Dahlberg

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Dahlgren

Mr. Douglas C. Dahlgren
Ms. Milana McLead-Dahlgren

Mrs. Ruth L. Dahlgren

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Dahlstrom

Mr. David Dahlstrom

Rev. and Mrs. Kendall B. Dahlstrom

Mrs. Vernette S. Dahlstrom

Rev. and Mrs. Albert A. Damrose

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Damrose

Ms. Carolyn A. Danielson

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd V. Danielson

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy L. Danz

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Darden

Ms. Karen M. Darelius

Mr. Kevin Davey

Ms. Lina David

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Davidson

Mrs. Abbey E. Davis

Ms. Alice M. Davis

Mrs. Debra R. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dawley

Mr. Michael Dawley

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Dawson

Mrs. Linda S. Day

Ms. Maria D. De La Rosa

Mrs. Lilibeth De Rivera

Miss Anne M. De Rock

Mr. Dean A. De Vore

Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. De Young

Ms. Nancy Deacy

Mrs. Patricia L. Dean

Rev. Frances D. Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DeJong

Mr. Jenito D. Delos Santos

Mr. and Mrs. Carlo DeLuca

Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Denbo

Mr. Richard Denker

Mr. and Mrs. John Derning

Mr. Michael DeSantiago

Mr. David Devenport

Dr. Neal F. Devitt
Paula Lewis Devitt

Mr. and Mrs. David DeVries

Ms. Lauren G. DeVries

Ms. Millicent Dewes

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dewyze

Mrs. Carla DiCiaccio

Dickerson Engineering

Rev. Allyson B. Dickie

Ms. Camila DiMarco

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Dimick

Mr. Jesse L. Dionicio

Rev. and Mrs. Ralph T. Dirksen

Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Diserio

Mr. and Mrs. Rick DiVito

Mrs. Marilyn R. Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Dluger

Dr. and Mrs. Rock E. Doddridge

Mr. Henry J. Doden

Rev. Marilyn K. Doering

Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Doering

Mr. Jim Doessel

Mr. and Mrs. Brant W. Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dolan

Mrs. Consolacion Dolor

Dr. Deborah A. Domain

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Domanico

Mr. Gregory C. Domanico

Mr. Matthew G. Domer

Ms. Octavia Dones

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Donnan

Mr. Joseph M. Donovan

Mr. Michael J. Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Donovan

Mr. John W. Dooley

Mrs. Marilyn M. Dorsch

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doucette

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Douglass

Mr. John A. Downey

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Downs

Mr. Alexander B. Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drake

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Drevits

Mr. Jim Dreyer

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Droogsma

Dr. and Mrs. Wallace D. Drotts

Mr. and Mrs. E. John Drummond

Dr. and Mrs. Terry S. Dugan

Mr. Henrich B. Dulay

Ms. Hannah G. D. Dumalagan

Dr. Mark H. Duncan
Dr. Jinny Kim-Duncan

Mr. Joseph Dunk

Mr. Loren W. DuPree

Ms. Joan L. Durkee

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Dusek

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Duszak

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duvall

Miss Olivia R. Dwight

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dykstra Sr.


Mr. and Mrs. Warren P. Eck

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Eckblad

Mrs. Geralyn F. Eckert

Mrs. Janet C. Eckhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Royce Eckhardt

Mr. Don S. Ecklund

Mr. and Mrs. Homer Eclov

Stan and Rose Edin

Mrs. Sagrid Edman

Ms. Isabelle M. Edson

Dr. Carl A. Edstrom †
Mrs. Vivian L. Edstrom

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Edstrom

Ms. Linda L. Egebrecht

Mr. James E. Egelston

Ms. Mary Ellen Egge

Ms. India A. Ehioba

Ms. Meredith Eicken

Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Eiesland

Ms. Erika K. Eiesland

Mr. Olav Eiesland

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Eischen

Mr. C. Wilbur Ekstrand †

Ms. Lois M. Ekstrand

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Ekstrand

Mr. Le Roy Ekstrom

Mr. Robert H. Elliott

Mr. Jeff Ellis

Ms. Mary R. Ellis

Mr. Gregg M. Elstien

Rev. and Mrs. Steven A. Eng

Mr. and Mrs. Jon P. Engebretson

Rev. Sharon R. Engebretson

Mr. Curtis D. Engelbrektson

Ms. Joy L. English

Ms. Greta K. Englund

Miss Kristin V. Englund

Mr. and Mrs. Luther M. Englund

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Enquist

Enquist & Associates, Inc.

Rev. and Mrs. Telfer L. Epp

Rev. and Mrs. Marvin B. Eppard

Equity Residential Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Donald O. Ericksen

Mr. Adam R. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Brent W. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Erickson

Rev. Dean R. Erickson †

Dr. Don L. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon L. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Erickson

Ms. Eva H. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. J. Victor Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Erickson

Mr. Kenneth A. Erickson

Ms. Margaret Erickson

Mrs. Marie A. Erickson

Rev. and Mrs. Paul H. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Erickson

Mr. William H. Erickson

Rev. Janice Erickson-Pearson
Mr. David J. Erickson-Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Ericsson

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Erling

Mrs. Jean Ernsting

Mr. Steven W. Eschenbach

Miss Heather B. Eslinger

Mr. and Mrs. George O. Esplin Jr.

Mr. John H. Estep Jr.

Evan J. and Gladys N. Alex Memorial Trust

Evangelical Covenant Church - Attleboro, Mass.

Camilo Evangelista

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Evans

Ms. Elizabeth E. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Evans

Mr. Ryan M. Evans

Ms. Patricia K. Everingham

Chaplain and Mrs. Paul J. Everts

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ewing

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eysnogle


Mr. James Fabrie

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Faetz

Faith Evangelical Covenant Church - Wheaton, Ill.

Faith T. Risser Music

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Faletti

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Falk

Dr. and Mrs. Duane Falk

Dr. and Mrs. Todd D. Fansler

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Farrington

Mrs. Mary K. Farwell

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Fattes

Mrs. Emily Fauser

Mr. William Faxon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Feare

Ms. Erin E. Feeney

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Feldman IV

Mrs. Virginia R. Feldman

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fenderson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Fernicola Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fernstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Erhard Fertala

Mr. Wade Fetzer III

Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. Fiek

Ms. Marcia J. Field

Mr. R. Eric Fields

Mr. Paul J. Figueroa

Mr. Thomas N. Finger

First Covenant Church - Moline, Ill.

First Covenant Church - Red Wing, Minn.

First Covenant Church - Youngstown, Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. Henri P. Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Fisher

Mr. Jim Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Rick K. Fisk

Ms. Jennifer B. Fleming Jones

Dr. Josephine Fletcher

Mr. Fabian A. Flexas

Mr. Fred Flihan

Mr. Mark Flinchum
Mrs. Karen L. Reece-Flinchum

Mr. andDr. Stephen Fogel

Mrs. Verna H. Fogel †

Ms. Aimee C. Fondell

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Fondell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Fondell

Ms. Elizabeth E. K. Fongers

Mrs. Doresa Foots

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Foss

Ms. Dorothy R. Foster

Dr. and Mrs. Hilliard G. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fowkes

Ms. Samantha Fowkes

Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Fowler

Mrs. Lorraine M. Fox

Ms. Nancy J. Fox

Mrs. Eunice A. Fraizer

Mr. Caleb M. Frank

Mrs. Carolyn L. Frank

Mr. David R. Franklin

Dr. and Mrs. Don O. Franklin

Mr. Karl Franklin

Dr. and Mrs. Ivan A. Franson

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Frantz

Ms. Isabel E. Franzen

Dr. and Mrs. Marc Freed

Rev. and Mrs. Herbert M. Freedholm

Mr. Carl O. Freedlund Jr.

Ms. Miriam R. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. French

Mr. Larry Freundlich

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fricke

Miss Betty A. Fridlund

Mr. Jay R. Fried

Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard K. Friedrich

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Friesl

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Frisk

Mr. William B. Fritz

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Frostic

Dr. Joan C. Fu
Dr. Paul C. Fu

Rev. and Mrs. Alfred L. Fullerton

Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Fullerton


Mr. and Mrs. Tyler D. Gaastra

Rev. and Mrs. James H. Gaderlund

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gaffney

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin W. Gage

Ms. Pamela S. Gagon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gale

Mrs. Linda Galloway

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Galvan

Ms. Fern E. Ganley

Mr. Kenny D. Garcia

Olov G. Gardebring

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Garland

Alex Garrett

Ms. Hannah E. Gaskins

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gdalman II

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Gebert

Mr. Kenneth A. Gebhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Gedde

Mr. Robert E. Geist

Mr. Joshua F. Gelzer

General Mills Foundation

Chaplain and Mrs. Patrick A. Genseal

Mrs. Audrey E. Gentry

Mr. and Mrs. Louis George

Rev. William G. Gepford

Ms. JoAnne A. Gerard

Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter Germann

Mr. Jose A. Geronimo

Adrian Gershom

Ms. Arleen E. Gessl

Mr. Robert P. Geudtner

Gailya Ghusein

Dr. John W. Gianopulos

Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Gibbs

Ms. Melinda Gieseke

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Gifford

Ms. Susan Giles

Rev. and Mrs. Scot L. Gillan

Mr. and Mrs. Monte C. Gillespie

Mrs. Samantha Gillespie

Mr. Karlton L. Gilton

Dr. and Mrs. Sydney N. Giovenco

Mrs. Joan Giuffre

Rev. and Mrs. Dennis E. Glad

Ms. Lauren B. Glass

Mr. Charles E. Glew

Ms. Nancy E. Glickman

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Gluck

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gocht

Mr. and Mrs. William Goettler

Mr. Bob E. Goetz

Mrs. Dorothy Goff

Golden Lake Landowners Association

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldsboro

Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Gomes Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Gomez

Miss Meztli Gonzalez Flores

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Good

Mr. David P. Good

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Good

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M. Goodale Jr.

Miss Whitney Goodenow

Mr. Dean Goodwin

Mrs. Marillyn E. Goolsbee

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Goranson Jr.

Mrs. Marjorie L. Gores

Ms. Sue Gost

Mr. Harold R. Gottman

Ms. Eve Gourley

Mr. Eugene L. Graddon

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Gradous Jr.

Dr. Joseph E. Grady, PhD

Ms. Joan L. Graf

Mrs. Martha E. Graffy

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Grana

Mr. Hollis F. Graves III

Mr. Peter J. Graves

Mr. William E. Graves

Ms. Bridgette C. Gray

Ms. Kathleen H. Gray

Mrs. Linda N. Green

Ms. Leslie Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Greenwall

Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. Greenwood

Mrs. Eva M. Gregory

Mrs. Marilyn P. Grenat

Mrs. Elaine Grenier

Ms. Madelene R. Grimm

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Grodnik

Mr. Patrick W. Grona

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson H. Grover

Ms. Monica Groves

Ms. Ruth Guerrero

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Guevara

Ms. Barbara Gullickson

Miss Katheryn J. Gullickson

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Gustafson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gustafson

Mr. and Mrs. Evert J. Gustafson

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gustafson

Ms. June D. Gustafson

Dr. and Mrs. Lowell S. Gustafson

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gustafson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Guthrie

Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Gutierrez

Mr. andMs. Michael L. Gutierrez

Mr. Martin Guy

Ms. Olivia Guzman

Ms. Susana Guzman


Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan Hackenson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Hacker

Mr. John L. Hade

Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Hagberg

Mr. Lennart Haglund

Mr. Richard D. Haire

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Hakanson

Ms. Grace Ha-Kim

Mrs. Alisa Halfman

Mr. Thomas N. Halford

Mrs. Betty L. Hall

Mrs. Gale C. Hall

Mr. Leo Hall III

Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Hallblade

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Halleen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haller Sr.

Mrs. Janet M. Halverson

Ms. Ruth A. Halverstadt

Rev. and Mrs. Glen A. Halvorsen

Ms. Catherine Hamilton

Dr. andDr. Jeffrey W. Hancks

Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Hane

Ms. Rachel Hanks

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hanna

Ms. Arlene V. Hannema

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hannemann

Mrs. Kathleen L. Hannigan

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hansen III

Mr. Dean M. Hanson

Mr. Donald A. Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt E. Hanson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Hanson

Mr. Jeffrey D. Hanson

Dr. John Hanson

Ms. Karen E. Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Hanson

Mrs. Ruth Hanson

Mrs. Gudrun Hanstad

Harbert Community Church - Harbert, Mich.

Ms. Peggy Hardwick

Mr. Tim R. Hargesheimer

Mr. David B. Harms

Ms. Elizabeth A. Harnell

Dr. Donna M. Harris
Mr. Rick Harris

Mrs. Ruth D. Hartman

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Hartquist

Ms. Elizabeth Hatcher

Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow W. Hathaway Jr.

Ms. Mary E. Haubold

Mr. and Mrs. R. Dale Hautamaki

Mrs. Karen M. Haven

Ms. Lois A. Havermans

Mr. Hugh A. Havlik

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hawkins

Mrs. Julie E. Hawkins

Mrs. Marcia M. Hawkins

Rev. Timothy S. Hawkinson
Ms. Cindy A. Hawkinson

Mrs. Jane Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hayes

Mr. Jonathan R. Heaps

Dr. Alan F. Hearl

Ms. Rita A. Hearne

Rev. and Mrs. Paul A. Hedberg

Mr. Perry O. Hedberg

Ms. Sandra Hedlund

Dr. Louise W. Hedstrom
Dr. Herbert J. Hedstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Hedstrom

Ms. Kathy Heemstra

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Heffron

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Heicher

Ms. Lana L. Heinrich

Rev. Colleen C. Heintzelman
Rev. Timothy H. Heintzelman

Mrs. Jean L. Heintzelman

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Heintzelman Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Heintzelman

Ms. Cheryl L. Henderson

Mrs. Tami Hendrickson

Miss Tatum L. Hendrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Henke

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Henrikson

Mr. Kevin A. Herdegen

Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Herrera

Mr. andMs. Thomas F. Herrera

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Herrick

Mr. Cameron S. Hewett

Ms. Virginia G. Heyden

Ms. Louise E. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hill

Ms. Kaitlin N. Hindaileh

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hirschi

Mr. and Mrs. Hrach Hitik

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Hjelm Jr.

Mrs. Marilyn L. Hjelm

Ms. Mary L. Hjelm

Mr. Calvin Ho

Ms. Allison M. Hoden

Mr. Jonathan D. Hoden
Mrs. Dawn K. Dvorak-Hoden

Rev. and Mrs. Steven M. Hoden

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Hodgkinson

Mrs. Kiley M. Hoffman

Ms. Nella M. Hogberg

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Holden

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hollensteiner

Mrs. Susan E. Hollinger

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Holmberg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Holmes

Rev. and Mrs. William D. Holmlund

Mr. Donald Holt

Mr. Roy Y. Hori

Mr. Jeffrey M. Horn

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Horn

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Hoskins

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hotchkis

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Houck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Houdek

Mr. Donald A. Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Howell

Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Hudson

Miss Melissa Q. Hughes

Ms. Tatianna S. Hughlett

Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Humphrey

Mrs. Alene S. Hunt

Mrs. Betty L. Huppert

Ms. Marie Hurles

Ms. Mariya Hurmak

Dr. Jeffrey M. Huttinger


Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Idso

Iglesia Del Pacto Evangelico Peniel - Chicago, Ill.

Illinois Blower, Inc.

Mr. Layne Imbery

Mrs. Lenore R. Imondi

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Infusino

Mr. Vernon D. Ingersoll

Ms. Anita Ingvoldstad

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery M. Ippolito

Mr. Richard A. Isberner

Ms. Patricia Isbill

Mr. Tom Ishikawa

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ivanoff


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan A. Jackson

Mr. Gregory Jackson

Rev. and Mrs. Steven K. Jackson

Mr. William F. Jackson

Mr. William R. Jackson

Miss Christine Jacobs

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Jacobsen Mrs. Beverly L. Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Jacobson

Miss Ruth Ann Jacobson

Mr. Mike Jaggers

Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Jagodzinske

Mr. Robert K. James

Prof. and Mrs. Trevor R. James

Mr. Aaron W. Janke

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Jarosz

Mr. and Mrs. Burton H. Jarvis

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jarvis

Mrs. Lois J. Jedd

Mrs. Mary V. Jendras

Ms. Stephanie Jenkins

Mrs. Christine Y. Jensen

Mr. Dennis Jensen

Mr. James L. Jensen

Jesus People USA Covenant Church - Chicago, Ill.

Ms. Taylor N. Johannsen

Mr. A. Donald Johnson

Adam and Sheri Johnson

Ms. Agnes Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Alex F. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Johnson

Miss Barbara K. Johnson

Miss Barbara L. Johnson

Ms. Barbara Zoe Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Johnson

Mr. Brian W. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Burdette L. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Johnson

Mrs. Charlotte J. Johnson

Ms. Constance Johnson

Mr. Craig R. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Johnson

Rev. Daniel F. Johnson

Mr. Dave Johnson

Mr. David A. Johnson

Mr. Dennis M. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Johnson

Rev. and Mrs. Don N. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Johnson

Rev. Douglas W. and Mary Johnson

Mr. Drake Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. E. Armour Johnson

Rev. and Mrs. Eldon D. Johnson

Ms. Eliana F. Johnson

Ms. Elvira J. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Johnson

Mrs. Esther D. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Galen Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. George V. Johnson

Mrs. Gladys E. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Greg R. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Johnson

Mrs. Inez Johnson

Mrs. Irma G. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Johnson

Mrs. Janet M. Johnson

Miss Janice E. Johnson

Mrs. Janice L. Johnson

Mr. Jeffery C. Johnson

Ms. Jennifer Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy T. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson

Mrs. Karen R. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Johnson Col. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Korwin R. Johnson

Mrs. L. May Johnson

Mr. Layne Johnson

Mrs. Lorraine N. Johnson

Mrs. Marguerite A. Johnson

Mrs. Marilyn J. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Johnson

Mr. andMs. Mark E. Johnson

Dr. Marlin J. E. Johnson

Mr. Paul Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Johnson

Mr. Phillip D. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph U. Johnson

Mr. Randy D. Johnson

Mr. Richard A. Johnson

Mr. Richard D. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Johnson

Rev. and Mrs. Richard P. Johnson

Mr. Robert C. Johnson †

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Johnson

Mr. Roger K. Johnson

Miss Ruth A. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan T. Johnson

Rev. and Mrs. S. Jerome Johnson

Ms. Sally A. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Johnson

Mr. and Dr. Seth A. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Johnson

Dr. Susan K. Johnson, PhD

Mr. Terry D. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Johnson

Mr. Thomas M. Johnson
Mrs. Andrea M. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell A. Johnson

Whipp and Lita Johnson

Mrs. Barbara S. Johnson Went

Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Johnston

Ms. Joyce E. Johnston

Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Johnston

Dr. Robert K. Johnston
Ms. Catherine M. Barsotti

Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Jones

Mr. David A. Jones

Miss Sabrina G. Jones

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Mr. and Ms. Michael L. Jordan

Rev. and Mrs. Rodger L. Jorgenson

Joseph R. Munn & Associates

Rev. and Mrs. Eric P. Josephson

Mrs. Jane H. Josephson


Miss Erica R. Kainer

Mr. George S. Kalemkarian

Mr. Alvin L. Kamienski

Dr. and Mrs. David C. Kaminsky

Mrs. Carla Jo Kamphausen

Mr. Kishor Kansara

Ms. Susan Kauffman

Mr. and Mrs. Guido Kauls

Mrs. Sharon Kawar

Mrs. Carmen Keady

Mr. Christopher R. Keenan

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Keller

Mr. and Mrs. George Kellner

Mr. Alexander J. Kelly

Mr. Donald M. Kelly

Rev. and Mrs. Mark T. Kelly

Mrs. Suzanne Banks Kelly

Ms. Colleen A. Kelly-Ford

Mr. Thomas E. Kempe

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Kennedy

Matthew and Nicole Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Kennedy

Mr. William W. Kenneweg

Ms. Aileen C. Keppler

Mr. Jurgen W. Kerber

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Kerman

Mrs. Dorothy Kershaw

Dr. and Mrs. David Kettleson

Mr. Robert Keur

Mr. J. Patrick Kevin

Ms. Lillian R. Key

Ms. Afreen Khan

Mrs. Bok D. Kim

Ms. Gina Y. Kim

Pastor and Mrs. Jacob C. Kim

Mrs. Joy Kim Park

Mr. Brad Kimball

Mrs. Nancy C. Kindley

Mr. and Mrs. Layton F. Kinney

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kirk

Mr. Chester W. Kitchings Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Kjell

Mr. Philip H. Klatt

Mr. Aaron C. Klinefelter

Mr. Justin A. Klinefelter

Dr. and Mrs. Haddon E. Klingberg Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Klotz

Mr. James andRev. Susan Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Knotts

Ms. Andrea Knox

Mrs. Gunnborg Knudsen

Mr. Bruce Koehler

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Koenig

Mrs. Ellen M. Kogstad-Thompson

Mrs. Rhoda J. Kohl

Mr. and Ms. Paul H. Kohlmiller

Mr. Richard Kohng

Mr. and Mrs. John Kolleng

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Koller

Ms. Taylor M. Kolmodin

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Konior

Mr. and Mrs. James Kooy

Mrs. Dorothy L. Korn

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Koster

Ms. Margaret Kotowski

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Kottke

Ms. Holly M. Kress

Mr. and Mrs. Jure Krpan

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Krug

Rev. and Mrs. Joel A. Kruggel

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Krumland

Mr. and Mrs. M. Larry Krumm

Ms. Pamela Kruschke

Mrs. Donna Ksiazek

Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Kuehne

Mrs. Mary L. Kulberg

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kull


Mr. and Mrs. Craig La Cour

Ms. Julie Laatsch

Ms. Linda Laatsch

Mark and Sally LaBarbera

Mrs. Cynthia M. LaCourt

Dr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Ladd

Mrs. Meta Lage

Mrs. Jane E. Laird

Mrs. Ruth N. Laird

Lake Star Consulting Inc.

Ms. Bond T. Lammey

Mr. and Mrs. John Lamprecht

Miss Lou Ann Landholm

Dr. and Mrs. Donald T. Landin

Dr. and Mrs. Kent H. Landin

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Landsman

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lang

Mr. and Mrs. James G. LaPalermo

Ms. Christine Larsen

Mr. Barry C. Larson

Ms. Cedar Larson

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Denton E. Larson

Mr. Jerimiah J. Larson

Mrs. Joan B. Larson

Rev. John Larson

Mrs. June D. Larson

Mr. Kevin Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk B. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Larson

Mr. Randall T. Larson

Dr. Richard H. Larson †

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Rolland C. Larson

Ms. Sarah M. Larson

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Larson

Miss Verna M. Larson

Ms. Wendy M. Larson
Dr. Richard J. Enbody

Mr. Joe Lasare

Ms. See Wa Lau

Dr. John J. Laukaitis

Mr. Dean Laurea

Mrs. Valerie S. Lawson

Mr. John W. Le Fevre

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Leafgren

Mr. Barrett Leahy

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Leavenworth

Ms. Lindsay M. Leavenworth

Mr. Anthony P. LeBlanc

Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Lee

Miss Melissa E. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Lee

Ms. Valerie C. Lee

Rev. Bryan J. Leech ASCAP

Mrs. Gloria Leetz

Mr. Brad Lehman

Miss Taryn R. Lemaster

Ms. Karen L. Lemke

Ms. Kathryn A. Lemke

Rev. Sandra J. Lemke

Rev. and Mrs. Eric P. Lemonholm

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Lenehen

Ms. Nancy E. Leskiw

Mr. Joseph L. Lesniak

Dr. Barbara S. Levandowski

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Lewin

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Lewis

Mr. John R. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lewis

Mr. andMs. Licata

Ms. Judith Lifton

Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Liljegren

Ms. Jean K. Lim

Lima Baptist Temple - Lima, Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lindahl

Ms. Marilyn R. Lindahl

Ms. B. Jean Lindbeck

Rev. Glenn L. Lindell †

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lindell

Mrs. Patti Lindeman

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lindfors

Dr. and Mrs. James O. Lindgren

Mr. Loren H. Lindholm

Mr. Jeffrey P. Lindquist

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Lindquist

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Lindquist

Dr. Terry A. Lindsay
Mrs. Mosilda Asanji-Lindsay

Mr. Paul S. Lindskoog

Mr. Donald Lindstedt

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert J. Lindstrom

Ms. Anna M. Linquist

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Linquist

Mr. Bruce G. Linscheld

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Little Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Locascio

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln B. Lockhart

Ms. Anne Lockwood

Mr. and Mrs. Ted L. Loda

Mr. Mike Loewens

Mrs. Janet Long

Mrs. Janet Long

Mrs. Ruth D. Loos

Ms. Rebecca Lopez

Mr. Thomas R. Loquai

Ms. Carmina H. Loredo
Mr. Cesar Canseco

Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Lorenson

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Loumpouridis

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Love

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Love

Rev. Velda R. Love

Mr. John Lubimir

Mr. Jeffrey T. Lucco

Mr. George H. Luke

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Luke

Ms. Anna M. Lund

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Lund

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Lund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lund

Mrs. Virginia R. Lund

Mrs. Elaine M. Lundberg

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Lundblad

Mr. Jamey R. Lundblad

Rev. Janet R. Lundblad

Miss Elizabeth C. Lundeen

Ms. Jill M. Lundeen

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Lundgren

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Lundin

Mr. Allen G. Lundsberg

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Lundstedt

Ms. Janet M. Lungren

Ms. Janet M. Lungren

Ms. Millie L. Lungren

Mr. Michael Luton

Mrs. Mary E. Lynch

Mr. Michael Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lynn

Ms. Nancy J. Lyon

Mrs. Violet D. Lyon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyttle


Mr. and Mrs. Armando MacAalay

Ms. Armina May I. MacAalay

Carol Thompson MacCabe

Mrs. Cynthia M. Macdonald

Mr. Hedges MacDonald

Mr. Norman E. MacGregor
Dr. Nancy A. MacGregor

Mr. David Mackie

Ms. Roberta M. MacKinnon-Richmond

Mr. Alexander G. Macnab

Mrs. Susan R. Macpherson

Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Madvig

Mrs. Marlene B. Magill

Ms. Valerie V. Maglaras Beaudrie

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Magnuson

Mrs. Nancy L. Magnusson

Mr. and Mrs. Delwyn L. Main

Mr. Daniel R. Makosky

Mr. Emmanuel G. Malasaga

Alex Mamantov

Ms. Kristen Mandujano

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Mango

Mr. and Mrs. L. Jeffrey Mann

Mrs. Ruth F. Manning

Ms. Catherine M. Mantonya

Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Manus

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Manzer

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Marchfield

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marinkov

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Marion

Mr. Steve M. Maris

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mark

Mr. Toby Marougi

Mrs. Charlotte A. Mars

Mr. David R. Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall Jr.

Mrs. Patricia A. Marshall

Mr. William C. Martens

Dr. Dennis D. Martin
Dr. Carol A. N. Martin

Mr. Ralph Martin

Mr. Stephen M. Martin

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Martin

Ms. Consuelo M. Martinez

Ms. Graciela O. Martinez

Mrs. Mercedes Martinez

Mr. and Mrs. Antioco Martinez-Ruiz

Dr. and Mrs. James B. Martins

Ms. Alys J. Martinson

Mrs. Patricia J. Martinson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Martinson

Rev. and Mrs. John R. Martz

Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Marusarz

Mr. and Mrs. Verne H. Mason

Ms. Barbara Massa

Mr. Timothy L. Mata

Mrs. Kathryn E. Mathison

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Matson

Mrs. Margaret J. Mattson

Ms. Rosemary Maulden

Mr. Ken Maupin

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Maurizi

Ms. Marcia Mawe

Mr. Richard J. Mawhorter Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. May

Ms. Christine C. May

Dr. and Mrs. Jackson K. McAfee

Mrs. Sally F. McBane

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. McCarrell

Mr. Brian McCarrick

Mrs. Patricia J. McCollaugh

Mr. John W. McConnell

Mrs. John McCord

Mrs. Jeanie S. McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. McCoy

Mrs. Sharon McCullah

Ms. Gloria A. McDaniel

Ms. Marissa B. McDonald

Ms. Dona L. McDougal

Mrs. Diane L. McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. James McGhee

Mr. and Mrs. John D. McKowen

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron McLeland

Mr. James McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McNamara

Mr. Ryan McNaughton

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. McNaughton

Ms. Kathryn Meador

Mrs. Janice E. Means

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Mears

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Meeker

Rev. Homer V. Melgren †
Mrs. Betty R. Melgren

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mennel

Rev. and Mrs. Charles R. Merkner

Mr. Marcial M. Mesinas

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Metcalf

Mrs. Sandra L. Metzinger

Mr. Andrew J. Meyer
Rev. Christina N. Bouris

Mr. James T. Meyer
Ms. Kristen N. Engebretson

Mrs. Kimberly Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Meyer

Microsoft Corporation

Midwest Conference Ministerial Assocation

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Miekina

Dr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Miericke

Mrs. Ana Miller

Mrs. Barbara B. Miller

Ms. Bonnie S. Miller

Mr. Bradley C. Miller

Mr. Bruce Miller

Mr. Bryan J. Miller

Mr. Charles D. Miller

Mr. Gerald T. Miller

Mrs. Margaret Miller

Mr. Robert S. Miller

Dr. Martha P. Millman
Mr. Jay S. Millman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Mills

Mr. and Mrs. John Milner

Mr. and Mrs. S. James Milton

Mr. Steven Minaga

Minnehaha Academy

Dr. Leona L. Mirza
Dr. David B. Mirza

Mr. Milan Miskovic

Ms. Louise A. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Mitchell

Mr. George D. Mitzel

Ms. Marion G. Moberg

Mr. Fritz Moertl

Ms. Judy Molitor

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Mollenhauer

Rev. and Mrs. W. Roger Mollet

Mr. and Mrs. John Moncada

Sinthea Mondesir

Mr. and Mrs. James Monkmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Moody

Ms. Katherine M. Mook

Rev. Jodi D. Moore
Mr. Benjamin E. Moore

Mr. John R. Moore Sr.

Ms. Mindie Moore

Moose Lake Evangelical Covenant Church - Moose Lake, Minn.

Miss Lauren A. Morrill

Mrs. Angela Morris

Mrs. Jeanne Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Morris

Mrs. Robert J. Morse

Mrs. Vera Mosbrucker

Ms. Lauren V. Moser

Mr. and Mrs. William Moucka


Mr. Douglas F. Mueller

Ms. Kristin E. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling L. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mulder

Miss Emily C. Mullin

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Munn

Mrs. Ann K. Munson

Ms. Patricia L. Murnik

Mr. and Ms. Michael Murphy

Ms. Olga M. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murray

Mr. Joseph Muscarello


Mr. Larry Naber

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Naden

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Nass

Mrs. Wynn F.M. Navarro

Mr. Fredric G. Nearing

Mrs. Amanda Neely

Ms. Betty L. Negrete

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Neibling

Mr. and Mrs. Adam K. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Bryce E. Nelson

Mr. Christopher B. Nelson

Rev. Craig W. Nelson

Mr. Curtis H. Nelson

Mr. David A. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Nelson

Mr. David L. Nelson

Rev. and Mrs. Dwight A. Nelson

Miss Grace A. Nelson

Mr. Howard D. Nelson

Mr. Howard G. Nelson

Mrs. Jean C. Nelson

Rev. and Mrs. Jerome O. Nelson

John and Suzanne Nelson

Dr. L. Grace Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Nelson

Rev. and Mrs. LeRoy W. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Nelson

Ms. Margaret J. Nelson

Mrs. Marguerite J. Nelson

Mrs. Marilyn J. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Nelson

Mr. Paul A. Nelson

Dr. Quentin D. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nelson

Rev. and Mrs. Roger J. Nelson

Ms. Stephanie K. Nelson
Mr. Kendall G. Magnuson

Ms. Violet A. Nelson

Rev. and Mrs. Warren R. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Nelson

Mrs. Irene K. Nero

Mr. and Mrs. John Nesterowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nevoso

Rev. and Mrs. Frederick J. Newenhuyse

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Newlin

Ms. Mary C. Newman

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newton

Ms. Sheryl J. Nichin-Keith

Ms. Candace Nicholas

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Nicholas

Mrs. Eleanor W. Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan Nichols

Mr. Peter A. Nicholson

Dr. and Mrs. Dale Nickelsen

Mr. Paul Nicol

Ms. Gertrude H. Niehoff

Mr. Mehmed Nikezic

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Nilson

Rev. Mark A. Nilson
Mrs. Robin L. Nilson

Ms. Karen N. Nisley

Mr. Richard L. Nitz

Mr. Guy H. Noffke

Mr. Reinaldo Noguera

Ms. Shirley Norberg

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Norborg

Mrs. Vivian Nordeen

Mr. and Mrs. David Nordenson

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy A. Nordgren

Ms. Dawn Nordlinger

Rev. and Mrs. Theodore V. Nordlund

Mr. Robert T. Nordman

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Nordstrom

Rev. and Mrs. David C. Norling

Ms. Arlene E. Norman

Mr. James G. Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Norrman

Ms. Kathryn E. Norten

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Northey

Northwest Covenant Church - Mount Prospect, Ill.

Dr. Francis H. Norton

Rev. and Mrs. William R. Notehelfer

Miss Cica Nougnito

Rev. and Mrs. Mark A. Novak

Mr. Robert Novak

Ms. Gina Novotny

Mr. Dwight A. Nyquist

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nyquist


Mr. and Mrs. Sven E. Oak

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Oberwetter

Mrs. Betty A. O'Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. O'Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O'Connell

Ms. Francine L. O'Connor

Mr. Roy A. Odman

Mr. Ambrose O'Donnell

Ms. Kayla M. O'Donnell

Mr. Kevin O'Donnell

Ms. Marie T. O'Donnell

Mr. Ryan T. O'Donnell

Mr. Thomas J. O'Donnell Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. O'Fiesh

Ms. Caitlin O'Hare

Mr. and Mrs. Luke T. Ohrn

Mrs. Diane D. O'Keefe

Ms. Christine Olah

Mrs. Lidia Oleksy

Rev. and Mrs. Gregg P. Oliver

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Olsen

Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig E. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Deane B. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. H. Theodore Olson

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Olson

Mrs. Jennifer Olson

Rev. and Mrs. K. Wesley Olson

Mr. Kenneth M. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Olson

Dr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Reuben J. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Tim L. Olson

Mrs. Mary Ann P. Olund

Rev. Queen E. O'Neal

Ms. Michelle R. ONeill

Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Opsahl

Mrs. and Mr. Guadalupe O. Ordaz-Nielsen

Miss Stephanie S. Orellana

Mr. Dennis Ortinau

Mr. Carlos J. Ortiz

Ms. Sylvia Ortiz

Mr. Neal B. O'Shaughnessy

Mr. Matthew Ostercamp

Mr. and Mrs. Joel J. Osterlund

Miss Harriett G. Ostlund

Mr. Paul E. Ostrom

Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Otteson

Mr. and Mrs. E. James Oudman

Mr. and Ms. Roger A. Oxendale


Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Paff

Mr. Joby J. Pagan

Ms. Abigail L. Page

Mr. Andrew Page

Dr. and Mrs. Peter G. Paige, PhD

Dr. Katherine A. Pakieser-Reed
Mr. William S. Reed

Mr. James G. Palermo

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Palesh

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Palm

Rev. Karen L. Palmatier
Mr. Bruce W. Palmatier

Rev. and Mrs. Bud Palmberg

Rev. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Palmberg

Mrs. Violet E. Palmer

Mr. Sisavath Panyathip

Ms. Kathryn Pappelis

Mr. Melchizedek E. Parayno

Mrs. Linda Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Parsons

Mrs. Nancy A. Pasiuk

Mrs. Krupal Patel

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Paton

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Patt

Mr. Leo Patterson

Rev. Mark T. Pattie III

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Paulson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Pavlik

Mr. and Mrs. Dale K. Payton

Mrs. Gail F. Pazdur

Peace Community Church - Frankfort, Ill.

Mrs. Gayle D. Pearl

Mrs. Dorothy M. Pearson

Ms. Elizabeth A. Pearson

Mr. Gordon H. Pearson

Mr. John E. Pearson

Mr. David Peck

Jennifer Albrecht Peckenpaugh

Mr. Christopher L. Pennington

Mrs. Kimberlee C. Pennington

Mrs. Joan F. Pepe

Perkins Eastman Architects, P.C.

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Perloff

Mr. Richard Perrotte

Rev. and Mrs. James E. Persson

Mr. and Mrs. Rollin P. Persson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Persson

Peterman Consulting Services

Mrs. Jodi Peterman

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. C. Curtis Peterson

Rev. and Mrs. Curtis D. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Peterson

Mr. David A. Peterson

Ms. Delrose Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Peterson

Ms. Helen A. Peterson

Mrs. Jacquelyn M. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt H. Peterson

Rev. and Mrs. Kurt W. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Leland C. Peterson

Ms. Marcia A. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Peterson

Mrs. Nina A. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Peterson

Mr. Oscar E. Peterson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Peterson

Rev. Robert C. Peterson

Ms. Ruth M. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon W. Peterson

Ms. Susan M. Peterson

Mrs. Vernice L. Peterson

Mr. William Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Peterson

Mrs. Kadidia Petridis

Mr. John Petrovski

Ms. Jamie Phillippe

Ms. Meaghan A. Phillips

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Phillips Jr.

Mrs. Molly R. Philosophos

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Philp

Mr. and Ms. Douglas J. Picirillo

Robbin M. Pierce

Ms. Joan M. Pierotti

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Pierson

Mr. Daniel G. Pihl

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Pihl

Mrs. Marion Y. Pihl †

Mr. and Mrs. Aravind Pillai

Mr. William R. Pillman, CPA

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pinzon

Ms. Shirley R. Pirko

Ms. Carolyn J. Pitezel

Ms. Elaine M. Pitezel

Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Pittel

Mr. Mark A. Plante

Ms. Julia Plescia

Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Ploeger

Carl and Lora Plude

Mr. Gregory A. Podczaski

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Pohlhammer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pohlman

Mr. and Mrs. William I. Pohlson

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Pokrovac

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Polin

Ms. Angeline Polites

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Poor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Poor

Mrs. Miriam R. Pope

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Porche

Mr. and Mrs. Tim R. Portinga

Mrs. Irene Portokalis

Mr. Adam Potteiger
Dr. Kelly Potteiger

Ms. Wanda L. Potts

Ms. Melinda Poulton

Dr. C. Donald Powers

Mr. Gerald S. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Pozniak

Ms. Rossie Z. Pozo

Mrs. Janice Pranger

Rev. and Mrs. Wallace H. Pratt

Ms. Viviana Preciado

Justin A. Prevost-Schultz
Hannah D. Prevost-Schultz

Mrs. Sheila Price

Ms. Veronica A. Price

Mr. William Price

Mr. and Mrs. William Price

Mr. Timothy R. Prikkel

Ms. Carlye Procopio

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Propst

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice C. Prottengeier

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Prunty

Mr. and Mrs. Sam G. Psimoulis

Mr. and Mrs. John Purcell

Ms. Heather N. Purdon

Mr. Harold L. Purgason


Mr. and Mrs. Duane Quait

Mr. Roger Quant

Ms. Elaine Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Quinn

Mrs. Karen E. Quinn

Ms. Alexis Quinones

Mr. Didier A. Quintero

Mr. David A. Quiring

Ms. Eileen Quittem


Mrs. Florence E. Radcliffe

Mr. Thomas A. Radcliffe

Ms. Ethel M. Radmer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ramgren

Mr. and Mrs. Steven & Becky Ramgren

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Ramir

Mr. Herbert V. Ramlose Jr.

Mrs. Sue Ramsland

Mrs. Carolyn J. Rasanen

Rev. Richard H. Rasanen
Ms. Paula Swanson-Rasanen

Rev. Dr. John B. Rathod
Mrs. Purnavati Rathod

Ms. Tessa J. Rawlings

Ms. Carolyn H. Raymond

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Raymond

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Raymond

Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

Ms. Carolyn W. Rayner

Mrs. Ann Reardon

Ms. Capitola E. Reed

Mrs. Juliana R. Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Reese

Mr. Douglas Regan

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Reggie

Mrs. Denise Rehberger

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rehfeldt

Mrs. Ruth M. Rehfeldt

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Reichel

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Reiner

Ms. Eloise E. Reitzel

Mr. and Mrs. James Reitzel

Mr. and Ms. Thomas S. Relling

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Renaud Jr.

Mr. Samuel A. Retamal

Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Reuther II

Ms. Hanna Reyes

Mr. and Mrs. Pacifico Reyes

Mr. and Mrs. Terry K. Reynolds

Dr. Drew A. Rholl
Ms. Laura M. Ebner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rice

Mrs. Shawn Richard-Davis

Mr. Richard Rieck

Dr. Jonathan C. Rienstra-Kiracofe
Dr. Christine Rienstra-Kiracofe

Mr. Jeff Riepl
The Honorable Margaret D. McGarity

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Riggs

Mrs. Virginia C. Rigmark

Mrs. Beverly R. Rimpila

Dr. Charles R. Rimpila

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Ringstrand

Ms. Damary Rios

Ms. Nancy Rische

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Risley

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Ritchie

Mr. Brian S. Ritchie

Ms. Laura Rivera

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Rizzuto

Mr. Andrew J. Robblee

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Robert

Ms. Amy L. Roberts

Ms. Keri K. Roberts

Mr. Michael C. Roberts

Mrs. Leoconie Robinson

Mr. Stephen Robinson

Ms. Susanne Rock

J. L. Rodea

Mr. James Rodrigo

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny W. Rogers

Dr. Pier C. Rogers

Dr. Philip M. Rohler

Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Rohrbach

Mr. Michael Rolinitis

Ms. Lori Rollason

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Romin

Rev. and Mrs. C. Theodore Roos

Mr. and Mrs. John Roos

Mrs. Linnea S. Root

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell B. Ropp

Dr. Russell G. Rosenquist

Mrs. Anne L. Ross

Mr. Joel A. Ross

Miss Sylvia Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Rounds

Mr. Joseph D. Roxas

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rozek

Mr. Jim L. Rubenthaler

Rev. Jimmy L. Rucker

Mr. and Mrs. Joel P. Rude

Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Rudeen

Ms. Emily F. Rueping

Rev. Terrence W. Ryan

Dr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Ryd

Mr. Kenneth L. Rydberg

Rev. and Mrs. Norman V. Ryding

Heidi and John Rykert


Mrs. Jane F. Sackrison

Mr. Nedim Sadic

Mr. and Mrs. Hans E. Sadlack

Mrs. Anna M. Safstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Sager

Mr. William T. Sahlin

Mr. Luis M. Salces

Rev. and Mrs. Vernon Saldeen

Salem Covenant Church - New Brighton, Minn.

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Salgado

Sepideh Sallee

Rev. and Mrs. William V. Salo

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Salter

The Samarkand Covenant Retirement Community

Mr. Reese F. Samin

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Samples

Mrs. Greta E. Sandberg

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sandberg

Mrs. Marilyn R. Sandberg

Mr. and Mrs. Erik P. Sandefer

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sandell

Ms. Linda S. Sandell

Mr. John L. Sander

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Sandford

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sandgren

Mrs. Nancy A. Sandoz

Mrs. Isabelle E. Sandquist †

Mr. and Mrs. J. Glen Sandquist

Ms. Carol Sands

Mr. F. L. Sandstrom

Ms. Joan E. Sandstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Sandstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Sanford

Ms. Daisy Santiago-Altiery

Saranac Community Church - Saranac, Mich.

Ms. Anna K. Sardar

Mr. and Ms. Theodore R. Sares

Rev. and Mrs. David Satre

Rev. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Saville

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan A. Schachtele

Ms. Melissa Schaefer

Mrs. Myrtle P. Schaefer

Ms. Nicole Schaefer

Mr. Brian Schanil

Ms. Marina C. Schanks

Ms. Mary E. Scharkey

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Schau

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Scheer

Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Scheetz

Mrs. Maxine A. Schermer

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy N. Schermer

Mr. Richard Schiene

Ms. Emily Schiffmacher

Mr. Arthur Schiller

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Schiller

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Schilling

Mrs. Carol A. Schmidt

Mr. Mark A. Schmidt

Mr. Michael A. Schneiderman

Mrs. Jeannette Scholer

Mr. Aaron D. Schoof

Mr. Bruce Schreffler

Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Schroeder

Mr. Frederick C. Schultz

Ms. Joline K. Schultz

Mrs. Karen M. Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Schultz

Mrs. Mary Ellen Schumacher

Mr. Roland C. Schwarz

Mrs. Cynthia J. Scott

Mr. William Scott

Rev. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Searway

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Seaver

Ms. Pauline G. Sedlarz

Ms. Lisa Seelinger

Ms. Carolyn Seghers

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Seitman

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Sellke

Mr. Edwin Sembrano

Ms. Phyllis K. Semelroth

Ms. Celia K. Serrano

Mr. Edwin Serrano

Mrs. Dolores G. Sessler

Ms. Emily A. Seyler

Mrs. Elizabeth Shabelman

Mr. Michael Shain

Dr. Lucy G. Shaker
Mr. Anthony R. Shaker

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas F. Sharkey

Mr. Richard P. Shewfelt †

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Shively

Ms. Deborah J. Shold, RN

Rev. and Mrs. Marlowe P. Shoop

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Shrier

Mr. and Mrs. Marlin M. Shulist

Rev. Daniel M. Shutters
Mrs. Jean M. Shutters

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sieben

Ms. Pamela Sikora-Lasch

Mr. Walter E. Silge

Rev. and Mrs. James H. Silver

Rev. and Mrs. Norman K. Silvester

Mr. Thomas N. Simons

Mrs. Judith Simulis

Mr. Adam G. Sinclair

Mr. Dale Sink

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sinovic

Ms. Janet M. Sirabian

Ms. Kim Sisson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sjoberg

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Sjoblom

Mrs. Martha A. Skan

Mr. Paul Skiem

Dr. Carol L. Skinner

Mrs. Martha S. Skoien

Melvin D. and Faith L. Skold

Mr. and Mrs. Gene W. Skooglund

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Slade

Mr. and Mrs. David U. Sladkey

Ms. Jamie E. Sladkey

Mr. Robert L. Sloan

Dr. Mitchell Slotnick

Rev. Clifford A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Smith

Mrs. Michelle A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Smith

Ms. Rebecca M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Smith

Mr. Thomas A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Val J. Smith II

Ms. Elizabeth A. Snezek

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Snow

Mrs. Susan C. Socha

Mrs. Doris J. Soderberg †

Mrs. Doris M. Soderstrom

Miss Janet L. Soderstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig T. Sohn

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sollano

Mr. Casey Solomon

Mr. Lloyd Solomon

Sonepar USA

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Sorvik

Ms. Amanda Soto

South Park Church - Park Ridge, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Spartz

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Speidel

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Spellacy

Ms. Brianna K. Spilde

Dr. Harold M. Spinka

Rev. and Mrs. Paul L. Spjut

Mr. and Mrs. Lars-Birger Sponberg

Mr. Thomas M. Sprague
Ms. Laurie J. Anderson

Mr. John R. Sprieser

Mr. and Mrs. Jon P. Springer

Mr. William Springer

Mr. and Mrs. Lorand Spyers-Duran

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Stachula

Mrs. Janet J. Stack

Mrs. Joyce C. Stahl

Mrs. Lois M. Stahl

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Stalheim

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stanker

Rev. James D. Stanley-Erickson
Rev. Catherine E. Stanley-Erickson

Mr. Don D. Stattine

Mr. and Mrs. Loren P. Stayboldt

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Steen

Mrs. Annette Steensland

Mr. Dylan Steensland

Dr. and Mrs. K. James Stein

Mrs. Joe Ann Stenstrom

Rev. and Mrs. David E. Stensvad

Mr. andMs. Vernon Stevens

Rev. Diane M. Stevenson

Mr. Alan C. Stewart

Ms. Kathleen M. Stewart

Rev. Kristine Stewart
Rev. John C. Stewart

Mr. Michael Still

Mr. Wayne G. Stiska

Ms. Irene A. Stoesser

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Stojanoff

Mr. Alan F. Stokie

Mrs. Kathleen Stolfi

Mrs. June M. Stoll

Rev. and Mrs. James H. Stone

Mrs. Dorothy E. Strandberg

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Street

Mr. Larry Strenke

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Strobel

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Strom

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Strom

Rev. and Mrs. Erik M. Strom

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff E. Strom

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Stromberg

Mr. Herbert R. Stromquist

Mr. Jasper Strong

Mrs. Shannon A. Stubblefield

Mrs. Lisa L. Stueckemann

Mrs. Julia L. Styles

Ms. Melanie J. Sullivan

Mrs. Phyllis R. Sunberg

Rev. Lois N. Sundeen

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Sundell

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Sundquist

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Suplit

Rev. and Mrs. Randall A. Surey

Surgical Associates, S.C.

Mrs. Elaine E. Suter

Mr. James A. Sutherland

Rev. Robert W. Sutherland

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Sutphen

Mr. Kenneth F. Swan

Mr. Robert E. Swanberg
Rev. Judy L. Swanberg

Mrs. Anne M. Swanson

Ms. Carol J. Swanson

Rev. Craig and Susan Swanson

Dr. Curtis J. Swanson

Mr. Daniel E. Swanson

Rev. and Mrs. James A. Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Swanson

Ms. Jillane C. Swanson

Mrs. Laurie Swanson

Mrs. Lois J. Swanson

Miss Marilyn E. Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Swanson

Ms. Roberta J. Swanson

Rev. and Mrs. Rolla Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Swanson

Ms. Susan E. Swanson

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore N. Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Swanson

Miss Ulrika E. Swanson

Rev. and Mrs. Wesley C. Swanson

Ms. Jane K. Swanson-Nystrom
Mr. Douglas B. Nystrom

Dr. and Mrs. Marc J. Swartz

Mrs. Virginia S. Swedberg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Swenson

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Swenson

Mr. Lowell Swenson

Mr. Van W. Switzer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Synek

Ms. Jean Szewczyk

Mr. Jason Szuch

Ms. Lisa Szymanski


Mrs. Linda Tacchi

Ms. Elizabeth C. Tadina

Ms. Karen M. Tafejian

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Talaganis

Mr. Lycurgus A. Talaganis

Mr. and Mrs. James Tancos

Mr. Martin J. Tannehill

Rev. Carl L. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell and Melinda Taylor

Ms. Kathy D. Taylor

Pastor and Mrs. Daniel S. Teefey

Mrs. Mildred L. Templin

Tender Loving Care of Duluth

Ms. Ishael Tendero

Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Tenglin

Ms. Sarah C. Tenglin

Mrs. Ingrid K. Tenglin-Jimmar

Rev. Tom Terrel

Ms. Elaine Nyquist Teschner

Mr. S. Drew Tessler

Mr. Ronald W. Tetting

Miss Kristin E. Theilen

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald R. Thelander

Mr. and Mrs. Sarantos Theodorakakis

Rev. and Mrs. Timothy L. Theurer

Mr. Andrew Thomas

Mr. Barry Thomas

Mr. Blake D. Thomas

Mr. Colin J. Thomas

Ms. Edith Thomas

Mrs. Esther Thomas

Mrs. Guineivere Thomas

Mrs. Terri Thomas

Mr. Vernell Thomas

Mr. Clyde L. Thompson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Thoren Jr.

Mrs. Marguerite E. Thorin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Thornbloom

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Thorpe

Mr. Arthur R. Thorson

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Thyreen

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Tideman

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Tierney

Ms. Marcia Tilles

Mr. and Mrs. Merle A. Tillman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Timme

Mr. and Mrs. F. Albert Tizon

Mr. Ronald C. Tohulka

Rev. and Mrs. Eldon V. Toll

Mr. Edward Tomba

Rev. and Mrs. Gary E. Tonn

Rev. and Mrs. Kevin F. Torgerson

Mrs. Donna M. Tortorici

Mrs. Eileen D. Totten-Brakebill

Mrs. Katherine L. Tournell

Ms. Maren K. Tournell

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk M. Townander

Mrs. Nellie M. Trautman

Mr. Nathaniel R. Travers

Mr. Carl Traylor

Tre Kronor, Inc.

Ms. Martha Trott

Mrs. Wayne Trussell

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Tscholl

Ms. Sylvia Tumbarello

Ms. Gwen Turnquist


Mrs. Barbara L. Uber

Mr. Saji Ulahannan
Ms. Thankamma Joseph

Ms. Margaret Girgis Umsted

Mrs. Muriel E. Unverferth

Rev. William W. Updegrove
Ms. Sharon M. Neth

Mr. and Mrs. John Uphoff

Mrs. Rabecca J. Uttersten


Ms. Martha Valdes

Mr. Erich Valdez

Ms. Sherry Van Almen

Miss Kelsey L. Van Deursen

Rev. Merle E. Van Heuveln

Mr. Albert Vande Steeg

Ms. Sandi E. Vander Kooi

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. VanderBrug

Ms. Katherine E. VanderKlok

Ms. Molly A. Vanderloo

Mr. and Mrs. James M. VanderMey

Ms. Marsha B. VanNahmen

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Vanover

Mr. Jeffrey J. VanWinkle

Mr. and Ms. Thomas Vasis

Mr. Thomas C. Vasis

Miss Diana Z. Vazquez

Mrs. Lydia M. Veazie

Mrs. Norma Velasquez

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Velez-Luce

Ms. Alnierys Venegas

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Verhage

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Verket

Rev. Robert E. Verme

Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Vetter

Mrs. Louise Vick

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Vickers

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Vidal

Miss Jennifer L. Vierk

Ms. Kathryn L. Vigen

Village of Riverwoods

Ms. Kirsten Villers

Mrs. Candace A. Vincent

Rev. Anne Vining
Mr. Gordon Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Kim A. Visbaras

Mrs. Lora A. Vitek

Mr. and Mrs. John Vitols

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vogel

Mrs. Kim Volk

Ms. Amanda Vondrak

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Vondrashek

Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Voss


Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Wachter

Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Wadell

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Wagenmaker

Mrs. Marlys Q. Wahlberg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wahlgren

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Wahlquist

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Waiksnoris

Mrs. Laura Wainscott

Ms. Constance Waisanen

Rev. and Mrs. James M. Walcott

Mr. Timothy E. Walenga

Mrs. Sharon Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Wallgren

Mrs. Myrtle Wallin †

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Walls

Mr. Patrick A. Walls

Ms. Patricia S. Walsh

Rev. and Mrs. Daniel M. Ward

Ms. Jody Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Warfield

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Warlick

Ms. Baily R. Warman

Mr. and Mrs. Blair A. Warman

Ms. Linda L. Warzecha

Rev. David A. Washington

Dr. Bryan J. Watkins

Dr. Russell J. Watson

Dr. Sonia Carlson Watson
Dr. Robert E. Watson

W.B. Olson, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Duane C. Weaver

Mr. Thomas A. Weikert

Mr. Edward S. Weil Jr.

Mr. Keith S. Weil

Mr. Nicholas R. Weinstein

Ms. Shirley Jones Weismantel

Mr. Jack Weiss
Mrs. Anne E. Weiss

Rev. and Mrs. David F. Wells

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Ms. Michelle J. Wells

Mr. Donald N. Wendel

Dr. Marion A. Wennerholm

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold F. Werling

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Werner

Dr. Peter Werner

Mr. David G. Wernsing

Rev. Harry E. Westberg

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Westerfield

Mrs. Helen Marie Westlund

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Weszely

Mr. Peter Wetzel

Mr. Nathan Whaley

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold G. Wheat

Ms. Barbara J. White †

Mr. Gary W. White

Mr. John White

Ms. Mary C. White

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn R. White

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Whittlesey

Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Wickstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Dale O. Wickstrom

Mrs. Mattie M. Widen

Mrs. Glannie Wiehe

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Wiersbe

Ms. Mary R. Wiertel

Mr. Larry Wiertzema Jr.

Mrs. M. Jeanne Wiganosky

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wiita

Mrs. Sherry C. Wilcop

Ms. Diane A. Wilcoxen

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wildenradt

Miss Brittany L. Wilhelm

Ms. Brenda Wilkerson

Ms. Mary Wilkerson

Dr. Marylouise Wilkerson

Ms. Pamela J. Wilkins

Ms. Abigail C. Williams

Ms. Amy L. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Williams

Ms. Judy I. Williams

Mr. Michael R. Williams

Mrs. Leila Wilshusen

Rev. and Mrs. Everett L. Wilson

Mrs. Mary M. Wilson

Rev. Paul V. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Wilson

Ms. Tammy Y. Wilson

Mrs. Marilyn F. Winchester

Chaplain and Mrs. Bernard L. Windmiller

Mrs. Jean F. Winfield

Ms. Gwen M. Winn

Ms. Amy Wishnick

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Witt

Ms. Stephanie Witteveen

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert E. Wittmer

Ms. Sandra Wojtowicz

Women in Development North

Mr. John Woo

Ms. Diane A. Wood

Rev. George Wood

Rev. and Mrs. Robert D. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Wood

Mrs. Louise A. Woodier

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Woodworth

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wooldredge

Mr. Richard E. Worzalla

Mr. and Mrs. Craig B. Wright

Mr. Robert W. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Wright

Mr. Edward G. Wynn


Mr. Xianbao Yan

Mr. Barry Yatzor

Mrs. Diane Yeager-Smith

Ms. Tatiana Yepez

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Yngve

Mrs. Karen Young

Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Arlyn K. Youngberg

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Youngberg

Mr. and Mrs. Elias A. Yurick


Ms. Diane Zacharias

Dr. Janice M. Zeller

Mr. James P. Zeller

Mrs. Janet L. Zerwer

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Zetterlund

Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Ziegler

Mr. and Mrs. Delwyn Ziegler

Mr. Orlen D. Ziegler

Rev. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Zielske

Ms. Jill Zimmerman

Hon. and Mrs. Michael C. Zissman

† indicates deceased