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Executive Accreditation Committee


  • Create an inventory of existing documents and materials from across all functioning areas of the university to support each criterion for accreditation. These documents should support the gathering of new data, when necessary that speaks to the institutional trend lines, provide additional needed detail, and inform evidence-building within the process, 5.2-4.
  • Play a critical role in determining all schedules, timetables for the development and completion of the self-study process.
  • Thoroughly understand the content of the self-study manual, NPU 2001 self-study, the 2003 monitoring report and the 2008 synopsis report
  • Assist with research design and gathering, particularly with information, reports, and other documents your committee and other committee areas will need as they address each criterion and its components.
  • Assist and aid all committees’ understanding of the manual and the development of the self-study.
  • Aid in the development of the NPU self-study website, blackboard – accreditation area, and university’s wiki and electronic resource room.
  • Evaluate all drafts for each committee’s reports.
  • Help document the process of evaluation of evidence as needed for each criterion.
  • Assist with documentation, cataloging, and storing evidence for both the NPU resource room and the visiting team’s electronic resource room.
  • Address concerns and disputes related to the self-study experience.
  • Assemble the final self-study draft.
  • Guide to the self-study process in immediately addressing all recommendations found in the NPU 2001 self-study, the 2003 monitoring report and the 2008 synopsis report. Identify where the institution is in regards to the recommendations.
    Provide key evidence that NPU complies with all must statements from 2001 self-study to all respected committee of the self-study. Determine what has been accomplished as well as areas of weakness.

Committee Membership

  • Joseph Jones, Provost
  • Carl Balsam, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Office
  • Laura Burt, Assistant Professor of Bibliography
  • Richard Johnson, Director of University Ministries
  • Wesley Lindahl, Dean and Nils Axelson Professor of Nonprofit Management
  • Andrea Nevels , Vice President for Student Development
  • Mark Olson, Dean Enrollment, Director of Church Relations
  • Charles Peterson, Dean of College
  • John Phelan, President and Dean of North Park Theological Seminary
  • Elizabeth Ritt, Dean and Professor, School of Adult Learning
  • Aaron Schoof, Academic Affairs
  • Robert A. Stanley, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research
  • Dan Tepke, Senior Vice President