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Self Study Steering Committee


  • Provide guidance to the self-study process in terms of planning, organization, and timetables.
  • Plan the self-study, including the committee structure, its membership, the self-study timetable, campus wide meetings and the development of the self-study plan.
  • Orient and educate both members of the various self-study committees and the campus community regarding the self-study process, particularly regarding the concept of institutional effectiveness.
  • Inform all constituents of the progress of the self-study and coordinate communication among the committees.
  • Monitor the entire self-study process including focus, research, clarification, drafting, and revision.
  • Work with administration and other functioning areas on campus to schedule on-campus workshops and/or assemblies related to the self-study process.
  • Provide general assistance to the sub-committee and all committees as well as the visit team.
  • Develop a system for cataloging and storing evidence in order to build a resource room for NPU’s self-study committees and the Higher Learning Commission visiting team. The coordinator will be assisted by resource team members and other committee members to complete this project.
  • Report any non-compliance issues to the provost and upper administration.
  • Oversee the final phases of the self-study document, including a final draft review by the entire institution and printing arrangements.
  • Serve as a primary liaison to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and NPU to prepare, if needed, any follow-up concerns noted by the visiting team.
  • Through the provost office, update upper administration and the board of trustees on a regular basis.
  • Guide the executive committee towards producing an addendum to update the self-study report for the HLC visiting team.

Steering Committee Members

Criteria 1: Mission and Integrity and
Criteria 2: Preparing for the Future

  • Chair: Rich Johnson, Director of University Ministries
  • Carol Martin, Writing Center Coordinator
  • Wanda Ward, Associate Professor of Education
  • Kelly Potteiger, Clinical Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
  • Mark Olson, Dean Enrollment, Director of Church Relations
  • Les Carlstrom, Director of Finance
  • Linda Cannell, Dean of Students Seminary
  • Lee Sundholm, Professor of Economics
  • Elizabeth Ritt, Dean and Professor, School of Adult Learning

Criteria 3: Student Learning and Effective Teaching and

Criteria 4: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge

  • Chair: Laura Burt, Assistant Professor of Bibliography
  • Co-Chair: Joe Jones, Provost
  • Norma Sutton, Professor of Theological Bibliography
  • David Koeller, Professor of History
  • Ken Henrikson, Operation Manager
  • Julie Westerman, SAL Advisor & Faculty Development Coordinator
  • Joan Andrea, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Sonja Velasco, Instructional Design & Learner Support Specialist
  • Chris Nicholson, Director of Admission for Graduate and Continuing Education
  • Robert A. Stanley, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research

Criterria 5: Engagement and Service

  • Chair: Charles Peterson, Dean of College
  • Co-Chair: Andrea Nevels Vice President for Student Development
  • Bob Hirsch, Professor of Management
  • Joyce Overton, Director of Corporate and Foundation Support
  • Dan Tepke, Senior Vice President
  • Jack Surridge, Director of Athletics
  • Ginny Olson, Co-Director of the Center for Youth Ministry
  • Tony Zamble, Outreach Ministry Coordinator