North Park University - Chicago North Park University - Chicago


Theme and Goals

North Park University has engaged all of its constituents in a comprehensive and reflective self-study to ensure that the institution is a distinctive, future-oriented, learning-focused organization engaged with and responding to the larger community. Our theme, “Leading Lives of Significance and Service” provided the contextual lens though which we examined how we at North Park are living out our mission and vision. The goals for the self-study process are:

  • To demonstrate the university’s ability to meet the criteria for accreditation set forth by the Higher Learning Commission;
  • To actively engage all members of the university, its constituents, and the broader community in the self-study process;
  • To reflect on the university’s accomplishments and evaluating our response to challenges over the last decade;
  • To use the self-study process to engage all campus constituencies in dialogue regarding the university’s future;
  • To use the findings to inform decision-making related to strategic planning and quality improvement; and
  • To build sustainable processes and systems that offer opportunities to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of the university as we prepare for the future.