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Welcome to the home for Campus Labs at North Park University!

The Campus Labs® Platform is a robust, web-based assessment and accreditation software that supports various functions including strategic planning, campus-wide assessment, outcomes assessment for Core Curriculum courses, program review, and accreditation compliance. Over 1,000 higher education institutions across the United States, Canada, and internationally utilize this platform. At North Park University, this platform is intended to be a one-stop-shop for all assessment and accreditation functions.

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CampusLabs Modules


Baseline is the data collection module within CampusLabs. It will allow you to collect data via surveys, rubrics, and instant response system. Access to data can be by department or at the project level.

Course Evaluations

The Course Evaluation module allows instructors to provide a unique evaluation link to enrolled students for direct access to a course section’s evaluation. Only students enrolled in the course section are authenticated into the evaluation, bypassing the landing page. When the evaluation is completed, the student can simply click the return to course list button, where any other available evaluations will be listed. During class, instructors can post this link on the board/projector for students to then access from their mobile devices.


Engage is your online gateway to involvement in student organizations at North Park University. This module hosts more than 50 student organizations. It enables students to join clubs, register organizations, log service hours, promote events, communicate with club members, and much more. Learn more about Engage.


To evaluate their impact, take a deeper dive into your outcomes data. With campus labs® outcomes, you can gain clearer views of campus-wide progress and opportunities for continuous improvement, even as you simplify the assessment and reporting process.


Planning is the strategic planning, campus-wide assessment, and outcomes assessment module within campus labs. not to be confused with the outcomes module, planning is the primary tool for annual assessment reporting.

Compliance Assist

The Compliance Assist module helps with accreditation compliance.


The Credentials platform houses information regarding faculty credentials and course assignment information.

Contact and Support

If you are interested in learning more about any of the platforms or request user access, please email Seanna Wong-Nyaku.

Please report issues with CampusLabs to NPU JIRA Helpdesk.

Official CampusLabs Support Page