Office of the Provost

A Word from the Provost

Consider carefully your culture, your world. You will see that you are encouraged (and rewarded) to do two things with your life: get a good job and entertain yourself as you see fit. That is it, society’s current definition of what it means to be a human. We have been reduced to economic beings who when not earning money spend money.

At North Park University, we believe human lives are far more than this. We explore—inside and outside of the classroom—the depth of what it means to be human. We consider what it means to live as family, as community, in using our talents to serve each other and our world. We harness, develop, and stretch our gifts through learning and relationships, so that we can experience the fullness of human living.

This is why at North Park our mission is to Live Lives of Significance and Service. This is the essence of what we crave as humans. And this is the essence of what you will experience here.

In this amazing process of learning and forming deep relationships, at North Park we are guided by three core values: We are oriented by Christian faith, meeting each other where we are at, and having essential direction to living lives of significance and service. Our incredible faculty and staff are motivated to serve our students and each other by our Christian faith, yet our students need not be Christian (and many are not).

The diversity of faiths and backgrounds creates stronger learning environments for us all. Faced with different ways of understanding the world, our diversity pushes us together to learn more than we ever could in any other setting. It leads us to solutions to challenges that we otherwise would not have discovered.

And our setting is urban, on the north side of Chicago, sitting right in the heart of a vibrant neighborhood, amidst one the world’s 16 Elite Global Cities. Studying at North Park allows you to learn in one of the world’s greatest cities, preparing you for life globally. Now that is exciting!

I summarize what is happening here as Gathering Greatness. Every day, God is drawing more people from everywhere, of every background, to North Park University. It is our sincere hope that you will be next!