Office of the Provost

OIE Strucutre

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness coordinates four areas: faculty recruitment, faculty retention, assessment, and accreditation. Importantly, it is a clearinghouse for institutional data related to faculty.

Faculty Recruitment

  • Manage full-time faculty hiring
    • Advertise positions
    • Facilitate on-campus interviews
    • Coordinate offers/appointments
    • On-board new faculty hires
  • Approve part-time faculty hires
    • Manage part-time faculty contracts
    • Monitor staff teaching assignments, Academic Administrative Faculty and adjunct faculty hires
    • Facilitate part-time faculty orientation
  • Coordinate Exchange Scholars Program for visiting faculty
  • Process faculty retirements, replacements, position proposals

Faculty Retention

  • Faculty Professional Development
    • Teaching and Learning Cooperative
    • Faculty Development Committee
  • Faculty Grant Programs
    • Professional Travel Grants
    • Faculty Development Grants
    • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Strategic Planning

Faculty Assessment

  • Set-up and administer quad and semester online course evaluations
  • Increase course evaluation response rates
    • Training for faculty
    • Incentive programs
    • Manage reminders
  • Process personnel review cases for contract reviews, promotion, tenure and post-tenure reviews
  • Monitor part-time faculty assessment and re-appointments

Accreditation and Academic Assessment   

  • Institutional and discipline-specific accreditation
  • Evaluate the university’s academic and administrative programs and activities
    • Assist with campus-wide and unit-level assessment
  • Keep institutional data on faculty
    • Diversity and gender breakdown
      • Increase racial/ethnic diversity
    • Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty
    • Professional Faculty
    • Part-Time Faculty