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Alumni Profile: Cameron Sweeney

“When I made the decision to go back to college, I was afraid of the unknown,” Cameron Sweeney says. “North Park made the application process very easy, and they reassured me that I made the right decision.” The sense of community Cameron found in the School of Professional Studies motivated and inspired her. “From day one, the staff listened to what my goals were and helped me to be successful.”

Cameron returned to school, in part, to improve in her career as a paraprofessional in a therapeutic day school. “My job was one of the biggest motivations to complete my degree,” she says. “I enjoy the population of students I serve, and wanted to be more knowledgeable in how to work with them.”

Since earning her degree in counseling psychology, Cameron has received a pay increase and is pursuing graduate school. But her greatest achievement since graduating, she says, is the passion that her North Park education ignited. “The School of Professional Studies has helped me realize my own potential and empowered me to continue on to obtain my master’s degree.”