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This section of faculty-focused resources houses information on professional development offered by the Center for Online Education (COE), information on our course development process and Quality Matters subscription, and various resources for instructional design, technology for your classroom, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Faculty Testimonials

Jonathan Peterson

“Taking my course—one that I had taught for more than 10 years—through the rigorous stages of the QM approval process helped me think purposefully about the fundamentals: What is it I want my students to know? What can I do to effectively communicate that knowledge? And how will I assess their learning?”

Nnenna Okore

“Until I completed the COE 102 course, I hadn’t realized how much more I could enhance the quality of my course. The experience, though painstaking and challenging at times, was rigorous, enriching and rewarding. The QM training helped me dot and cross all my pedagogical ‘i’s and ’t’s. Because of it, I am empowered and better prepared to take on my hybrid course. I encourage more faculty to give it a try.”

Matt Van Duzor

“As a first-time hybrid course developer, the COE 102 course and my Quality Matters Peer Mentor were vital resources in helping me navigate and satisfy the Quality Matters Standards. COE 102 helped me to reflect upon my course, focus learning objectives, align assessments, and thoughtfully organize course content for effective online delivery.”

Rebecca Ryan

“The Quality Matters process forced me to be explicit about what I wanted my students to learn and helped me align the delivery of that material and the assessment activities. There is great value in this process for all professors, and I plan to integrate these aspects into my face-to-face teaching as well. Finally, the COE team was very positive, helpful and constructive, every step of the way.”

Trevor James

“The robust training from COE and QM (Quality Matters) provides a great opportunity to step back and revision the course, to clearly see the learning objectives and the importance of connecting each assignment and weekly outcomes to those objectives. I feel the online training made my courses better, as I was able to reach students in diverse ways. I believe all faculty should give online learning a try, at least one time.”

Al Kamienski

“Excellence in online education demands creativity, partnership, and technology. The COE and I brought these together to allow me to freely construct an online course which I believed both original and objectives-oriented. Student feedback says we did it right and the students are benefiting!”

Kathryn Kalnes

adjunct for the Exercise and Sport program

“This experienced gave me the opportunity to reflect on my teaching and my overall course curriculum. Using the COE 102 instructional materials coupled with the support of my mentor made all the hours of work worth the effort. In the end, working through the COE 102 to develop this hybrid course has made me a better teacher and has improved the overall quality of my course.”

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Canvas Information

Canvas 101F Tutorial

CANVAS 101F: Introduction to Canvas for Faculty is an optional online training tutorial full of tutorials and videos for how to use Canvas. You can also review webinars for each of the modules. We hope that it will be beneficial. To manage what courses you see on your Dashboard, visit this Canvas Guide


Accessibility is an important consideration when designing a course, both on-campus and online. Learn more about Accessibility from the University of Illinois Springfield, Center for Online Learning