Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Academic success is our top priority, and our academic coach can guide you there with some great tips and advice on various academic success areas.

Academic coaching . . .

    • Provides academic support services to ALL students
    • Guides students on the right path for success
    • Increases confidence and academic self-efficacy

Academic coaching is for ALL students, providing the opportunity for students to develop or expand their soft skills such as managing your time, study strategies, and more.

How Academic Coaching Works:

  • Students scheduled for a virtual session will meet via Microsoft Teams.
    • The student will receive a meeting request from the academic coach with a link to join the Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • Students choosing to schedule an in-person session will meet in the Johnson Center.
  • Topics include: time management, procrastination, study skills, test anxiety, and much more.
  • Sessions will be 1:1 and scheduled for 30 minutes.
  • All grade levels are encouraged and invited to attend sessions.
  • You may book as many sessions as you’d like!
  • Your academic coach is also a student and will be able to relate and give you some pointers that has helped them in the past!

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