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One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-One Tutoring

Individual tutoring provides peer-assisted individual focus time for a student to grasp the subject material in a way that is most beneficial to them. Trained peer tutors provide additional explanation of difficult concepts and idea from course material, assist students with preparing for class assessments, develop student stills, time-management, organization, etc., in an informal low stress environment where student feels supported and encouraged.

How it works:

  • Students are able to schedule a 30-minute appointment.
  • You can request a single session of tutoring at a time, for a specific introductory Core Curriculum course.
  • You can make multiple requests throughout the semester or year for individual tutoring, based on your own need—it is always free.
  • Remember that your tutor is also a student, so be ready to be somewhat flexible with scheduling.

Sofia Alami


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Joshua Ayala


Hello Sociology students, my name is Josh Ayala and I’m a sophomore here at NPU. I am here to help with any struggles, and offer some GOOD hints.

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Jay Buhman

Math for College, Intermediate Algebra, and Statistics

Jay is a junior math major at North Park University. He has experience tutoring math at elementary, high school, and college levels, as well as experience working with students with disabilities. He knows that you might not like math, but also knows that you are able to do it with a little help. Sign up for a meeting with Jay if you need help catching up or keeping up in your math class!

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Monika Eiermann


Hello Macroeconomic students, I am an international student from Germany and currently in my junior year. I am majoring in psychology, but, while learning about macroeconomics last semester, I also discovered my passion for business. I am looking forward to helping you out with any questions regarding the subject and guiding you through course materials this semester. Feel free to email me for scheduling a meeting. See you soon at tutoring!

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Brandon Giacomino

Foundation of Finance

Hello Foundations of Finance students, my name is Brandon Giacomino. I am a junior majoring in accounting. I’m a person that loves numbers and has been expanding my skills with Excel since taking Foundations of Finance last year. I hope to help those that need a little aid to understand the concepts of this course. Excel can be a tough program to master, but I can help you out with a few things I have learned.

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Emily Korkowsi

Financial Accounting

Hello Financial Accounting students, I’m Emily Korkowski. I’m a junior here double-majoring in Philosophy and Business. With my two majors, I have found Financial Accounting very interesting. I am very open to any questions that you might have about the subject or even just give you some various studying habits, and I hope to see you at tutoring!

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Damaris Torres


Hello, Spanish I and Spanish II students, my name is Damaris Torres and I’m a senior at NPU majoring in Biology. I was born and raised in Ecuador, therefore, I’m fluent in Spanish. My experience with the language has been from an early age, and it is very pleasing to me to be able to help students at NPU with any questions they might have regarding grammatical structure or simple conversation or even just conversation to practice vocabulary and pronunciation. I’ll be glad to provide feedback and studying methods. Hope to see you at tutoring!

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Anosh Wasker

Concepts & Structures and Pre-Calculus

Hey Calculus students, I am Anosh Wasker and I am almost a senior. Physics and math are my majors, and I have been an Academic Assistant since my second year. I love to work with students and help them learn. I wasn’t good at math in high school, and so I use that experience to explain concepts better.

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