Undergraduate Programs

Honors Program Requirements

First Year

In Year 1 of the Honors Program, you will complete a for-credit honors seminar during both the fall and spring semesters. Here, the focus will be on building a cohort among students so you can challenge and support each other while you study. You’ll participate in Honors Program meetings and events and attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring semester. During the two seminars—both fall and spring semesters— faculty guests will be included in class meetings to share about their lives and choices. You’ll use Chicago as a context to engage many cultures, exploring life in the city as well in the university.

Second Year

During Year 2, you will participate in Honors Program meetings and events, attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and must also complete at least one Core Curriculum course with an honors designation. This is a valuable opportunity to gain experience working side-by-side with a professor to design and implement an independent project that goes above and beyond the normal requirements for the course in which you are enrolled.

Third Year

During Year 3 of the HonorsProgram, you will have declared your major and will join the honor society specific to that discipline. All majors, both in the sciences and humanities, offer chapters of national honor societies or major clubs. You’ll maintain your involvement in HonorsProgram meetings and events and attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

As a special project, you’ll complete a Community Service Honors Project, building on what you’ve learned in your first-year honors seminars and second-year honors project.

Fourth Year

Finally, in Year 4, you’ll continue to be involved in your honor society and participate in Honors Program events. You will also complete a major-specific senior honors project, and then present this at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Graduate with Distinction

By successfully completing all required parts of the Honors Program, earning a grade of “B” or better in each of your honors courses, and maintaining an overall GPA of 3.5, you’ll earn an honors designation and distinction within your major when you graduate from North Park University. This is a valuable notation for both graduate school and job applications, showing both your academic talent as well as your dedication to high achievement.