Christian Ministries Studies (BA)

Forging Leaders for the Church’s Future

Why Major in Christian Ministries Studies?

Become a ministry leader and apply your sense of adventure, passion for people, and desire to lead a life of significance and service. North Park’s Christian Ministries Studies (CMS) major offers a practical ministry experience centered on being:

Formation-focused — intentional towards forming Christian character, vision, and values.

Biblically-saturated — embracing the whole of Scripture to shape, motivate, and guide the work of ministry.

Globally-oriented — directed toward God’s mission meeting the needs of the whole world.

City-centered — serving and inhabiting the city through practicums, internships, and city excursions.

Interculturally-competent — practicing skillful intercultural communication while embracing and committing to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Ministry Specializations

Students develop ministry capacities in their chosen area of specialization. Ministry specialties, taught by practioners working in their field of expertise, train students in several areas of ministry leadership including:

  • Local Church Ministry
  • Global Ministry Leadership
  • Camping Leadership
  • Intercultural Leadership
  • Youth Ministry Leadership
  • Next Gen Ministries
  • Church Planting

Specialize in Camp & Retreat Ministry Leadership

Christian Ministries Studies is offering a 14-credit Specialization that begins this spring semester 2021 with the online course CMS 4500 Introduction to Camp & Retreat Ministry Leadership. Non-majors are welcome to take the Camp & Retreat Ministry Leadership Specialization and to minor in CMS. Taking CMS 4500 is a great way to check out the Christian Ministries Studies major! Professor Erik Strom will teach the online course and is the Director of Covenant Point Camp.

Register for CMS 4500-01. Email Dr. Seversen for permission to waive the prerequisite.

In the News

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The Covenant Companion looks at the next generation and the Covenant Church of tomorrow.

North Park University Trains Students to be Future Ministry Leaders

Students develop their spiritual formation and a comprehensive ministry skill set in new Christian Ministries Studies (CMS) major.

Applied Theology

The CMS program emphasizes the importance of the development of both ministry thinking and ministry doing.

Ministry thinking reflects theologically on the work of the church; ministry doing addresses the necessity to serve Christ in and for the world.

Leadership by Discipleship

Potential ministry leaders cultivate a deeper discipleship after Jesus from which healthy Christian ministry leadership develops. Students will be well-prepared to be healthy leaders in their chosen ministry specialty. We believe developing disciples develops leaders.

Intercultural Engagement

Based on specific area of interest, CMS connects students to ministry opportunities in urban, suburban, and rural contexts. Local and international internships, volunteer and/or paid ministry, further the mission of God to the whole earth — serving the margins of society while spanning geographies.

Biblical Formation on Location

The CMS capstone course, “Biblical Formation on Location” is designed to awaken a student’s imagination of the biblical world as a lived experience. By exploring the land of the Bible, on-location ministry majors will build a foundation for life that embodies the Bible’s message for the continuously changing circumstances of the 21st century world. The course will transport students from Old Testament Israel to the New Testament Church. With this embodied knowledge and first-hand encounters, students build a solid foundation for life-long biblical ministry and leadership.